Sunday, 12 November 2017

Visit to Stithians

Well with the weather being a little pants the only option really was the Southern Cut off hide at Stithians. It was a tad wet and a little windy but you tried and make use of the conditions as best you can.  Some of these images were shot at ISO 12,500 so light levels were not fantastic. 

Goldfinch in the rain

Squabbling at the feeders


Not sure on the left hand duck?

Great Spotted Woodpecker


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hayle and Tehidy

An early start calling in at Ryans field in Hayle at first. Spoonbill was visible but from a distance. Unfortunately the spoonbill decided not to stick around and flew over to the far side of Hayle estuary. After a quick chat decided conditions were pretty good for some Kingfisher photography at Tehidy. On arrival at Tehidy one of the Kingfisher feeding pools was covered partially in algae so we thought this may prevent the kingfisher from feeding sadly this was the case. After three hours I had just spun my camera around to pack up when the Kingfisher flew in, I quickly rattled off some shots. But as we thought the algae coverage prevented the bird from feeding. Still happy I got one of my better Kingfisher shots even though is was at the last minute!!!

Distant shot of a Spoonbill


Wren feeding

Black-headed gull

Grey Wagtail



Friday, 3 November 2017

Grey day in Cornwall

No sun as forecast but decided to venture out with the camera anyhow. A fairly quiet morning at Hayle and then Marazion so just record images today I am afraid


Reed Bunting



Grey Heron

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Pictures from Tropical Storm Ophelia (ex-Hurricane) in Cornwall

Well storm Ophelia provided quite a spectacle in Cornwall. I manged a visit to Lands End and Porthleven. Lands End was really being hit by the gales and the sea was beginning to get whipped up around the Longships lighthouse around 1130 am. However needed to be at Porthleven around 1:30pm to beat the crowds (failed on that one) and get there for high tide. I decided to stay in one spot this time to avoid the waves and keep me and the camera's dry. Well despite being at the top of the hill above the Ship Inn I was still hit by one rouge wave!!!!!! Still no damage done.  Here are some images from the day.

Starling takes shelter from the gale force winds at Lands End

The sea beginning to build around Longships Lighthouse

Some storm watches get soaked and others risk it near the sea wall

Raging sea at Porthleven

This is the beginning of the wave that soaked me somewhat!!!

Full sea power at high tide

Tropical storm Ophelia (Ex-Hurricane) Rolls into Porthleven

I will add a couple of phots from the day to a blog post later, but until then here are a couple of videos:

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Norwegian SAR Aircraft at Newquay Airport

Paid a visit to Cornwall Newquay airport where the Norwegian All Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter (NAWSARH) is temporarily based. Here aircrews are training/familiarising with their new helicopters . 

The helicopter is the most advanced SAR Capable helicopter in the world today. The aircraft has two rescue hoists, a large cabin area, automatic flight control system, newly developed Osprey radar giving a full all round 360 degree view for aircrew, all weather capability, anti-icing protection,  a mobile telephone detection system, integrated  dual redundancy avionic/mission systems, power plant consisting of three engines, a thirty minute dry run gearbox, a laser obstacle avoidance system and an obstacle proximity system which provides warning of wires and other obstacles that may be a danger to the aircraft. So that is a brief description of the aircraft, now onto some images