Monday, 27 January 2020

January days at RNAS Culdrose

With the Easterly winds blowing here in January,  there was a good opportunity to get some shots of approaching aircraft at RNAS Culdrose. All  local aircraft apart from one visitor which was a AW101 NAWSARH (Norwegian All Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter) in a smashing white/dayglow livery which looks good on the AW101 airframe. Rare blue skies provided an opportunity for  Merlin, Hawk and Beech KingAir 350 which are ever present, and I even spotted a flying  tiger on the coast

"Flying Tiger" Merlin MK2 on the Cornish Coast

736 Squadron Hawk t1

Norwegian All Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter

736 Squadron Hawk T1

750 Squadron Beech KingAir 350

736 Squadron Hawk T1

736 Squadron Hawk T1

736 Squadron Hawk T1

Monday, 20 January 2020

Stithians Southern Cut Off and Lands End

Well my first blog post for 2020, at last a sunny day which was most enjoyable. Unfortunately most of the images here were in poor light or at a distance. However they are still fine for web use. Firstly I spent a couple of hours at Stithians Southern Cut off, highlight here was a little grebe thrashing around a stickle back for about ten minutes, backlit by the low winter sunrise.  A few more of the local birds feature in the images. Then it was on to the countryside near Lands End for Short Eared Owls again they did not disappoint but were distant.

Great Spotted Woodpecker in the frosty grass

Little Grebe with stickleback

Chiff Chaff (I think)



Long Tailed Tit

Short Eared Owl

Shorties squabbling over hunting grounds

Short Eared Owl

Short Eared Owl stands his ground protecting his prey from thieving corvids

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

F-35B Lightning II and Hawker Hunter at RNAS Culdrose

RNAS Culdrose in the far South West of Cornwall does get the occasional visitor from other bases around the UK, in the skies above the base and sometimes overnight stops/visits. On this occasion in early September 2019 we were lucky to have a pair of the latest Royal Navy/RAF Lightning II F35B aircraft from RAF Marham.  and a Hawker Hunter (From the Hawker Hunter Team based at RAF Scampton in the skies above the base. Also captured on the day a visiting Dutch NH90 helicopter.

F-35B Lightning II aircraft

F-35B Lightning II

Hawker Hunter

Hawker Hunter

Dutch NH90

Thursday, 31 October 2019

F-15E Strike Eagles in Low Flying Area 7 (Mach Loop)

A quick day visit to LFA7 produced a 4 ship flight of F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft from the 48th Fighter Wing at RAF Lakenheath. A short ascent up CAD East and I found a position sheltered from the ice cold winds on the day. Had some superb passes from a four ship flight of  F-!5E Strike Eagle aircraft. Some images and video link below:

Video Link:

Monday, 21 October 2019

Red Throated Diver at Penzance

A good start to the wildlife winter photography, a Red Throated Diver at Penzance, photographed at sea and then closer and my 2nd attempt in the inner harbour. Also had an Eider in company on the first day.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Manchester Airport Visit

My first post for a while so apologies for this but I am now playing catch up, this post is from Manchester Airport on the 23rd May 2019. With Military aircraft in the low fly becoming scarce I have took the option to photograph some civilian airliners at Manchester airport. Different and there are some stunning aircraft, especialy the 747 and A380s. Also in a later visit to follow up, we see some stunning liveries and diffent aircraft due to the Tomas Cook Repatriation schedule so that will appear soon on the blog: