Friday, 3 April 2009

New Camera- Awful Weather


Purchased a 40D (2nd hand off ebay) as a back up for the 1Dmk111. So today was the first chance to test it. Up early off to Stithians Resevoir at 8 am only to be greeted by a blinding combination of sun and fog. So I did my best with the conditions but not ideal, in fact a long way off ideal to try out the camera. Anyhow took some shots most were not sharp, possibley due to the poor lighting and me hand holding the camera, or is the camera duff!!!! (I don't think so) John Rowe was around and he seemed to be fairing rather better with his digiscope/camera combination and camera support clamp. Perhaps the digiscope was able to zoom in on the subject and eliminate the poor lighting I was having to contend with??? Did manage some shots which captured the weather/light conditions though. Off to Marazion then to be greeted by fog and coastal mist, so any distance photography of any real quality was thwarted again. So I shall try all over again with the 40D once the weather improves again. Example image below is where I have tried to capture the sun/fog combination. The is how is was you could not see the opposite side of the resevoir.

Swans Nest: Exif: Canon 40D, Aperture Priority, F14, 1/250 sec, ISO 400, 100-400mm lens set at 130mm, +0.3stop

(Many more similar shots were attempted varying the exposure compensation/speed and f stop etc, this one I just happen to pick out from the selection)


JRandSue said...

Love it all Bob, great photography.

CouponAlbum said...

Wow!! It's so beautiful picture!! I love your photography!! Wonderful!!