Sunday, 11 July 2010


Headed out early today to Porthgwarra at 8am for some seabird photography. Unfortunately this wasn't early enough! I got there as the sun was on my left the birds were also coming from the left so two hours earlier and I would of been ok. Lots and lots of Gannets observed, and it is also good to see the coast in this area is a rejunvenated lush green full of life. When I went last year it was mostly brown and dried out.  Butterflies and small insects are in abundance so next time I visit I shall pop down on the heath instead of the cliffs and concentrate on some macro.



A grey seal in one of the coves.

Gannets, there were many groups larger than this full of adults and youngsters.


JRandSue said...

Great shots Bob,you certainly cover a lot of ground.
We can't keep up with you.

Chris said...

Great pictures. I love the flying gannet one, it is perfect!

Keith Hargreaves said...

Great images Bob will catch up with one of these days, All the best Keith

Claudia said...

Very beautiful pictures