Monday 1 April 2013

Super Scoter Sunday

Well I was far from happy with my first visit to view the Drake Scoter at Swanpool, as it only stayed in photographic range for a brief two minutes or so when I was there. I went again on Sunday it was cloudy and overcast oh and freezing. However the bird was present near the main car park at Swanpool. I armed myself with the 300mm lens instead of the 500mm from my previous visit, this was a good move only constrained by the shallow depth of field due to the light. That said I am still very pleased with the images I managed. I may visit again should the sunshine appear at any stage whilst the bird is still there. Photographing was quiet and peaceful until someone threw some bread in then all hell broke loose. The drake Scoter despite being out numbered by 30 or so gulls, approx 10 mallard and 3-4 coots decided to throw his weight around determined to get the bread. He just bullied all the other birds out of the way. Ok some pictures.


Monts said...

Hi Bob Great set of images , glad you got it and it can certainly hold its corner against other birds.

JRandSue said...

Well done Bob,your long wait paid off,brilliant results mate.

Unknown said...

Class images again Bob wish I had gone back on Monday now to get some images.