Saturday, 4 October 2014

Red Kites at Gigrin Farm

On the way to do some low level aircraft photography in Wales last week; skies were blue and timing was right to pop into Gigrin Farm Red Kite Feeding Station. Hundreds of Red Kites turn up around 3pm in the afternoons when the food is served! Few different hides, I opted for the £17 one which is the second tallest. So many birds it's difficult to isolate them from each other. And wow they are fast when they come down to pick up the food scraps. Here is a selection of images (hopefully not to similar) next time I hope do a bit better especially on the ground shot hit rate, lol.


Anonymous said...

They really are stunning birds and captured beautifully, lovely work Bob.

Unknown said...

Some cracking images there Bob looks like you made the most of your day.