Sunday, 14 June 2009

An Hour with Sand Martins

No Camera exif information as I don't have time. I photographed these Sand Martins using remote control from distance so as not to disturb their nesting site (which everyone sunbathes next to, about 2ft away, despite the human presence these birds just continue unperturbed). Also setting up a remote increases the chances of getting an image as you can keep an eye on the subjects whizzing around rather than be limited to the scope of the viewfinder. These are really fast, most shutter speeds of about 1/5000 sec. Well this was my first attempt if they are still around in a couple of weeks I shall retry. Technique seems to work, just needs fine tuning and patience by the bucket load.

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Keith Hargreaves said...

You take a great picture there Bob I enjoy looking in to view your Photogaphy