Monday 31 January 2011

Short visit to ST Gothians

Went along to Godrevy to photograph some surfing, but that didn't happen. Whilst there I took the opportunity to have a look around St Gothians.  Images below straight away as I am extremely busy and no time for text today.

Black Headed Gull in Summer plumage, January?

Buzzard, this bird look very white when perched so I was surprised to see so many dark feathers when it flew.

Drake Ring necked duck

Drake Ring necked duck

Drake Ring necked duck

Male Shoveller

Drake Ring necked duck

Drake Ring necked duck

Sunday 30 January 2011

Freezing Marazion and Frozen Stithians Southern Cut Off

Bright sunshine and blue skies in Helston disappeared about one mile from Marazion, bugger.  It was freezing over Marazion with a biting NE wind, this wind seems to encourage everything to take shelter so not much was seen here.  So after freezing myself for an hour or so, went to the cafe for some soup and a roll. Decided to head home for an hour and then onto Stithians. On the way to Stithians some a--hole driving a sky van like an idiot managed to scoop some stones up into my windscreen which now has a large crack in it-T--T!  So this was turning out to be expensive and unproductive. Got to Stithians and I could see the main area was affected by the same Northerly winds and nothing much was around.  Went to the hide on the Southern cut off and it was completely frozen out there. This meant the feeding station was rather busy.  So at last I got some pictures nothing unusual but it made the journey worthwhile. On to the images.

Pied Wagtail on the frozen stuff at Marazion

Swan lands on one of the few open patches of water

Water Rail came out first within a few minutes at Stithians

Gret Spotted Woodpecker enjoying the nuts.

Moorhen ground feeding

Even the snipe was looking for an easy meal!

Starlings were also paying a visit today.

Monday 24 January 2011

Images from a quiet Sunday

Before working on the van, I thought I would call in at Marazion for a couple of hours. It was very quiet apart from lots of swans chasing each other. The report said 5+ Bitterns, well they must of popped out after I left; a Bitternless day!!! The little Egret provided some photo opportunities but with dazzling sunlight on the feathers it was hard to nail a good exposure. (well that is my excuse) The swan flying low across the reeds and the Kingfishers were the only other two images from the day. Then I got back to my van removed the magnetic signage and disaster, I was confronted by a chemical reaction between the sign and the paint and a £500 estimate to repair!!!! No more magnetic signs for my vans. So not many images Sunday but Saturday was good so on balance apart from the van the weekend/photography was fine. Well onto the images:


Swan reed hopping over the Marsh

Little Egret with Little Fish

Little Egret

Saturday 22 January 2011

Sunshine at Marazion and Blue Skies

Blue Skies and sun but it didn't last, the icy winds picked up later pm and at this point having already got some keeper images I decided to go home for a brew and warm up.  Bitterns were again showing well today (4+ I think) despite the reed cutter making a racket. Most of the other birds left but the Bitterns were not spooked at all by this mini combine harvester. (hopefully it won't be there to long) Onto today's images:


Rare Blue Sky

Bittern flying low


Grey Heron

Swan Feeding

Swan Preening

Just checking the photographers have gone before coming out!

Monday 17 January 2011

Taster-Website Update

Hi, I have just spent the last couple of hours selecting some images for my website gallery for December 2010 link here: About fifty images , a large percentage of Bittern pictures amongst others. Here is one which like others as a "taster" not been seen on the blog before:

Bittern at Marazion, launching from amongst the reed bed.

Sunday 16 January 2011

National Seal Santuary at Gweek

Well yesterday was taken up with surf photography and today a visit to the National Seal Sanctuary with Cornwall Wildlife Trust photographic group. Here they house rescued seals until they are fit enough to return to the wild.  Weather was abysmal right on cue at 10am it stared with bucket loads of rain. It was immediately obvious that images were going to be hard to come by and they were. Dark grey skies a lack of light and persistent rain made it all a little awkward, well near impossible. Lots of rejects today but here are some of the better efforts!!

Grey Seal

This one looked pleased to see me.

Then he realised I had no fish, just a wet camera!!


Feeding Time

Sunday 9 January 2011

Travel all over but only Maza produces the goods!

Decided to leave Marazion until late in the day.  Visited Praa Sands for surf, not to good today. Onto Sandy Cove and Jubilee pool area's, nothing!! Started raining so onto Sennen, nothing. Thought s---d this back to Marazion. Fairly quiet. Had some lunch and took my neighbour up to show him where the Waxwings were or as in the case today "weren't" so a no show from them. Phone call while I was a Penzance said the Bittern was showing well at Marazion. Not to fussed but got there in time (just) to get the daily bittern shot amongst others. I now know why I visit Marazion a lot, there is nothing anywhere else (well that was the case today)
Today's selection:

Reed Bunting


Little Egret

The Daily Bittern


Redwing, determined to swallow the worm



Penzance Tunnels

These images were taken on Saturday.  I spent the day with my surfing pals looking for surf.  It was all to big for them so a wasted day for me really, as the skies were blue I was not happy. Finally they got in the water at Penzance, just on the beach behind the railway station in an area called "The Tunnels". Looked like quite a good spot for waders but true to form the skies had now gone grey. I got soaked by one heavy shower, but did manage to get some images of Godwits and Dunlins.  Looks like this may be a favourite area for waders so I shall have to revisit soon.

Godwit feeding

Dunlin, heavy going with muddy boots!



Wednesday 5 January 2011

More from the Weekend

As promised just a few more shots from the weekend:



Bittern showing well

Heron caught in some rare nice light

Bittern "mooning for the camera"!!