Wednesday 29 September 2010

Sun Down At Marazion

A sunlit afternoon saw me drive down to Marazion about 5.30pm for the last hour of sunlight. No sign of the Bittern which has taken up residence but some great lighting. The lack of holiday makers now is also welcome. Could be last post for a while as I am switching to Nikon, but you never know I may aquire a long lens sooner rather than later.. Well it is late so onto the images.

This kestrel was sat quietly on a post but spotted me setiing up the tripod and flew off

Little Egret enjoying the fishing and lush green reeds in the evening sunlight.

Surprise to see the Swallow an extended stay?

Soon be snow in this setting for a winter scene?

Curlews off to roost.

Monday 20 September 2010

Cracking Light at Maza But............

A 5pm finish at work the sun was shining so I set off to Marazion. Some great evening lighting but not much to share it with. There seems to be very little activity on the Marsh at present. Could be the lack of water? Disturbance by reed cutting and/or dog walkers? Netting of the birds for ringing? Or more the likely I just picked a bad day after quite a good weekend. Well here are the pictures I did get.

Little Egret fishing

With the water so shallow fising is very easy at present

Unless your a Heron who is not so good at fishing

Gull a bit of flight shot practice while waiting for something to happen! nothing did!

And a Gull from yesterday at Marazion which I forgot to post

Sunday 19 September 2010

Marazion and Hayle

Plan was to go to Marazion and Drifrt.  But with persistent cloud cover and a strong wind building up I opted to give Drift a miss. So started on the beach at Marazion then the Marsh and finally Hayle (again). Straight on to the images as I am knackered.

Kingfisher, poor quality image just thought I would post as it was shot a 1250 ISO over a long distance in poor light. Camera technology is improving all the time.

Sanderlings and Plover fly by.

Bar Tailed Godwits

Oyster Catcher grabbing breakfast

Ringed Plover

Pied Crow, this must have a genetic defect or something. it should be overall black but this bird has white and brown feathers also.

Greenfinch tucking into the berries.

I was a bit confused by the Orangey/buff chest but I am opting for a grey wagtail?


Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper at ST Ives Island

Ok had some requests for these so here are some more images of the Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper taken at ST Ives Island. Some a bit soft but fine for web use, enjoy.

Saturday 18 September 2010

St Ives Island and Hayle

My first visit to this place, no unusual sightings today but a nice variety of birdlife. I will certainly visit again soon sometime although parking seems to be a bit of a nightmare. Car park full at 8am what's that all about??
Got some good shots and some record shots, using the bird guide to ID some of these so if it is incorrect just let me know. Weather was low grey cloud, but typically sunny in Helston where I set off from only thirteen miles away. The sun broke through the clouds over St Ives just as I was leaving (sods law).  Did feel great to be out and about again after the abundance of camera inactivity recently. Ok onto the pictures:

Wheatear the first bird I saw on the Island

Cormorant slightly blurred but ok for web use.

Cormorants formation flying

Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper. This bird was photographed at St Ives Island, I followed the path down from the small building on top of the Island on the coastal path at the head of the Island you will see a gap in the rocks on the shore line this is where I was stood, at the bottom of the incline below the Coastguard Station looking out to sea.

Razorbill, a small ray of sun light did manage to get through on this shot.

Record shot of a Common Tern?

Oyster Catcher and Turnstone

A record shot of a Sandwich Turn I think (has a yellow tip on the beak)

Distant shot of a "Honey" Buzzard a Ryan's Field I thought it was just a Common Buzzard but there were different opinions from people at the time.

Curlew on the mud bank on Ryan's Field

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Dismal and Grey at Hayle

Yes it is a day off work, true to form crap weather for photography. However not having had the camera out this month I was going to take pictures regardless. All the shots here a second rate, record shots if you like. However I havent posted for a while so there inbound. Decided to visit Ryans Field at Hayle as the weather was pathetic and sooner or later shelter would be required. Despite it being low tide there was some activity. A Grey Heron patiently fishing and eventually getting reward for his efforts. Curlew, Whimbrel, Common Sandpiper, Egret all present.  Kingfisher was a bonus haven't really seen any since last years harsh winter. Although to far distant from the camera he was also fishing sucessfully. At least the cobwebs are off the camera again now, hopefully some fine weather this weekend will yield some better images?


This may be my first image of a Kingfisher this year!

Goldfinch, the only bird close enough today for a half decent picture.

Grey Heron persistance paid off for him.

Not sure Whimbrel, Curlew Sandpiper, something else, apart form a crap picture?

Starlings in the rain.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Apologies for lack of posts: Here is the reason!

A lot of renovation work on my cottage has taken somewhat longer than intended. I also had to go away with work for a week near Sandy RSPB, but didn't get a chance to visit there either. However the end is in sight and hopefully I shall have the camera out at the weekend or maybe even Tuesday. Decided to change my living room carpet, then the suite, then paint and decorate; and then I thought sod it, time to remove the ghastly varnish which had been put on the stone wall of my cottage, hiding the natural stone. This invovled a needle gun, industrial hoover etc and me. Using the needle gun to remove the sealant from the stone was like being in a sand storm couldn't not see or hear a thing at times, creating a mess on a huge scale. Pictures of the work below.

The Natural stone with the  yuck sealant finish

Dustsheets in place to prevent the debris spreading

Needle gun used to remove the surface and then all mortar cement removed as far as possible

All most there pointing redone using lime mortar, looking much better.

Quoted between £1000-£1600 done myself over two weeks for about £250!!!

Well that is the bulk of work done so hopefully lots of wildlife shots in the next post!!!