Monday 22 August 2011

Isle of Mull 2012 (Screensaver)

Hi, just arranged to visit the Isle of Mull again next year with Marcus Conway of Ebirder link here: Ebirder, Mull photography Tour Well I would off but my application was to late, so now on a reserve list!!  below is an image I took on the same tour in May 2011.  This image makes an ideal screensaver (well in my opinion) to this end I have posted it without any copy right etc so hopefully if you like it, then you can download it straight to your PC's. I haven't tested this so if it doesn't work email me at and I will send you a copy.

Mull White Tailed Fish Eagle

Drift, snookered by poor lighting.

The Cornish cloud appeared to be anchored firmly over Drift Reservoir today. As I was attempting to photograph swallows dipping low this really didn't help. So some low quality images but lots of practice if photographic conditions prove more suitable on another day. Images posted below:

Swallow emerges from the dip.

A near miss, another shot I would like to nail properely.

Better angle would off been nice.

Look closely you can see he has a fly. This is a shot I would like closer in better lighting.
Turtle Dove, still present at Drift

Great Crested Grebe

A quiet Sunday? Not!!

Popped into the Ryan's Field Hyde at Hayle expecting it to be quiet and it was for a little while. Absolutely nothing happening and after twenty minutes I thought this cannot get any worse. And just the Family kids and dog decided to drop in, just my luck!!! They went after about 10 minutes, then about five minutes later the teenage drunks turned up. They seemed a bit miffed that I was there, I think they wanted to continue their Sunday afternoon booze up in the hyde. Well unlucky for them I stayed put and they had to find another drinking hole. In amongst all this noise and disturbance I did manage a couple of shots which are posted below with some from the Estuary.

Common Sandpiper


Grey Heron



Friday 19 August 2011

Drinking on the Wing

Well thought I would spend an hour or two trying to photograph the Swallows/Sand Martins at Drift.  Whizzing around all over the place it was quite difficult keeping track of the little blighters, still got a couple of shots. There wasn't to many there today and the sun wasn't playing ball but as usual I persevered. I won't label the images today as they all show similar subject matter, I did try and get a few different angles etc. I may try again on Sunday am early with the light in my favour if they haven't all migrated by then!

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Drift Reservoir Again

Well second time this week I went to Drift, got a better view of the Turtle Dove, lots of Swallows and a Buzzard, but no Black Kite (well there was an 1 1/2 hours after I left!!!) It is a late one so straight onto the images.

One of the many Swallows flying across Drift today.

Turtle Dove, the bird was using its tail to steady itself on the wire.

Buzzard, he came over for a quick look at the Swallow commotion

Monday 15 August 2011

A short visit to Drift

Well the camera has had the cobwebs dusted off and made an an appearance again in the field! Well it has been very busy at work and home and it is also that quiet time of year for bird photography. Well they are my excuses for the lack of posts. Ok I hadn't been out for a while so I binned the chores for a rainy day and set off to Drift on the off chance of seeing a Black Kite which has been reported in the area. No such look with seeing that, a Turtle Dove was also reported I did manage to get that although my view was somewhat obscured. A walk down the far end of Drift passed the hide proved fruitless, but it was still great just to get out with the camera again. No brilliant shots but a record of the days events below.

Swallow takes adip.

Canada Goose landing

Swan enjoying the sun

Turtle Dove, just wouldn't go on the wires to give me a clear shot!!