Monday 12 January 2015

Night Photography Late December 2014

Well it's rather frustrating waiting for good conditions for night photography, but it does work out every once in a while. Only thing that wasn't perfect this time was the fact there was a little to much moonlight. Still experimenting exposure timings etc so was not to fazed by this. Here are the results from three locations.

Windmill Farm

Windmill Farm

Loe Bar

Loe Bar (practice at star trail)

Loe Bar (Lots of night fishermen out)

Wheal Prosper Mine, Rinsey

Wheel Prosper Mine, Rinsey

Wildlife Shoot For a Change

Well managed to fit in a couple of sessions with the camera on a wildlife theme (which I need to do more of!) A nice sunny windless day gave some nice reflection images at Ryan's Field and then some more images were taken at Marazion and Longrock. No rare stuff but with such a mild winter that is to be expected. (Wish it would snow or freeze lol)

Thursday 1 January 2015 Infringement of Copyright

It has been brought to my attention that has been infringing my copyright and reposting text and images from my blog, not sure how to get them to remove the content but they are doing this on a massive scale. Google rrsing .com followed by your blog/news feed to see if they are infringing your copyright also.  F8SpgTTegxcrEJPeMhpg