Sunday 30 May 2010

Blank Holiday

Well it must be bank holiday because the weather is crap, dull and grey, perfect conditions for photographers, not!! Still for some reason we persevere , press on and try to get images regardless. Here are todays efforts,

This Fulmar was making regular circuits of the cliff face, so I had a go at getting an image or two.

The yellow thing in the sky came out briefly, typically went I least needed it.

An overhead shot of the rear brake being deployed to good effect.

A Whimbrel turns up for a few minutes

Lots of Sand Martins whizzing around St Gothian Sands

Friday 28 May 2010

Very Long Day!!!

Thought I would make an early start on the coast this morning, so up at 5.30am and off to The Lizard for a wander around the coast, nothing spectacular and only daft me there, well until Mike Anders pitched up two minutes later saying he was going in the opposite direction to Cadgwith.  Didn't get many picutres, however last night at the Lizard again I got zero!!!  From Lizard to work and from work to Marazion, Godrevy and finally Hayle.  Nothing from Godrevy and Marazion but a couple from Hayle. Anyway I am knackered now so here are the pictures!!!

Gull at The Lizard

Another Gull at The Lizard

Cormorant -The Lizard

Jackdaw with some Grub

Another Jackdaw

Some ???? At Hayle

Squabbling Geese-Hayle

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Quick Visit to Maza

After been stuck in the office on such a nice day, I decided to get out for an hour down Marazion. It was teeming with new life,especially Starlings. Straight onto the images though as I am running late.

Frog at Marazion

Starling in Flight

Adult Starling and Youngster

More food for the youngsters

Young Rabbit cooling off, paddling in the Marsh edge

Spotted this young Blackbird in the tree

Monday 24 May 2010

Lizard Chough's Put on Great Display

Arrived at the Lizard early Sunday morning before the crowds. Spent a while trying to get a picture of a Rock Pipit displaying as the Warbler yesterday. This one was more difficult but eventually got a shot. Well sun was up and lighting was brilliant great day for photo's. I approached the cliff but had to wait as a Chough landed on the cliff about 8ft from me, I didn't want to disturb it. With a camera in each hand I couldn't get any pictures so just watched in awe until it departed. Over the next two hours the Choughs would return/leave three times, no landings straight into the cliff side and off again. But always did a few flying circuits on leaving giving opportunity for photography. With the camera getting to much attention from passers by I called it a day thinking me attracting all this "people attention" might disturb the Choughs.  The Jackdaws were oblivious to my presence two of them feeding next to my boots. If the Choughs appear solid black on your screen this is most likely due to different monitor set ups. Enough words onto the images:

Chough Lizard Point (Best Enlarged)

The Choughs return from feeding

Chough Lizard

Rock Pipit Displaying

Jackdaw (Best Enlarged)

Gannet long distance shot

Suicidal Crow, on return from The Lizard this crow was sticking his head down my neighbours chimney, eventually deciding that smoke was no good it flew off.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Busy Weekend in The Dutchy

A busy weekend, I found myself taking pictures at Marazion first thing Saturday and then on to Penzance for the Grand Prix Power Boat Racing.  On the Marsh it was quiet but great light for photography. Got the usual Stonechats etc and then set myself a challenge.  To get one of the Warblers as it went skywards displaying before plumetting back down to earth again. I managed to get one shot in focus!! I did the same again on Sunday but this time the subject was a Rock Pipit at The Lizard. Also on Sunday some improved shots of the Chough's in flight. But more of that later or tomorrow.  Large backlog of images/work to sort through so without delay onto this selction of pictures:

House Sparrow

Not sure on this one.  Young Stonechat?

Sedge Warbler, he was singing his heart out.

Stonechat with Sunday brunch

A wren joins in the song accross the marsh

The Warbler caught during his flight display

Another Stonechat worth looking at englarged!

One from the Power Boats, to see more follow this link:

Ok a few images please enlarge them for the best view, don't forget later tonight or tomorrow more images of the Chough's in flight from The Lizard

Sunday 16 May 2010

Speeding Bullets and Elusive Warblers

Absolutly gosmacked whern the yellow thing in the sky came out around 4pm, as forecast, amazing.  So with good light and lots of Sand Martins "buzzin" Marazion Marshes I had a go a getting them first with the 300mm and then  the 600mm lens. Quite hard work the way they shoot all over the sky. Limited sucess was hoped for and gained.  Also managed to get a shot of a Warbler which wasn't playing ball for the camera but patience paid off. Stonechats, Wren, Jackdaw amonst the other images:

Swallow over Marazion, not quite in focus but good enough for a record shot

Wren enjoying the afternoon sun.

Nice capture of the Male Stonechat

Mrs Stonechat with a tasty morsel

Warbler in full song on the marsh

Jackdaw flies past

One of the many Sand Martins.

Hells Mouth, Godrevy and The Lizard

My first outing for a week and nothing much has changed. I was away in Portsmouth last week and the van wiper motor stoped working on the way back, in torrential rain which was a bit scarey.  So between photographs I had to return to Helston and order the parts. (funny how things always break on the weekend)
At Hells Mouth there was very little going on and it was still freezing despite the sun, so no pictures from here.  Godrevy and the Lizard were better options, I managed to get the 300mm f2.8 out for the flight shots of Choughs which is a lot easier the the 600mm. Also stepping down to the 600mm only minus converter helped a lot when photographing small birds at close range. Managed to get a Great Tit and House Sparrow feeding on flies etc along the cliff path at the Lizard.  Sand Martins zooming across the pools at Godrevy were as usual hard to nail down (image wise) and a Skylark put in an appearance rather close to me. Nothing out of the ordinary but some nice images.

Sands Martins flying low at Godrevy

A Skylark feeds on a Crane Fly at Godrevy

Linnets enjoying a dip.

Whimbrel below the cliffs at The Lizard

Rock Pipit chirping his morning song

Great Tit (focus slightly soft on the head due to the shallow depth of field on the 600mm lens, no time to set up properly before he was off)

Sparrow enjoying the flies along the coastal path.

The distinctive orange feet and beak of the Chough show well in this flight shot

This pair of Choughs having a well earned break on the cliffs after feeding the young

Sunday 9 May 2010

Another Day at The Lizard

Hi,  Thought I would have another go at photographing the Choughs on the Lizard again.  I think the Lizard was most likely the only sunny place in Cornwall. The Choughs though only appeared briefly for a minute about once an hour on average.  Still I did manage some shots but it is quite difficult to get the exposure spot on for these birds. A walk slightly further along the coast and I got some Grey Seals and a Sparrow in the grass. On the way back Steve Rogers pointed out a Spotted Flycatcher, but I just couldn't get it in the right light. So glad the Sun appeared at last, but need to get my self out of bed earlier to get the best lighting conditions for photography. Next weekend???

Chough above the cliffs on the Lizard

Chough on the cliff face

A pair of Jackdaws share the same cliff

On the cliff top a Sparrow hovers looking for food

Grey Seal having a lazy Sunday afternoon

The Spotted Flycatcher