Tuesday 7 April 2015

RFA Argus Returns to Falmouth from Ebola Mercy Mission

RFA Argus
RFA Argus returned to Falmouth today following a successful mission to assist in the suppression of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.  The ship was deployed for about 6 months and in addition to her crew had many military personnel embarked.  Below are the images from the return in Falmouth today (7th April)

RFA Argus with two 820 Merlin Helicopters overhead

Familes waiting for RFA Argus to dock

RFA Argus gets a welcome from  the Royal Marine Band

RFA Argus with two 820 Merlin Helicopters overhead

Families wave to loved ones

RFA Argus back alongside

The Royal Marines Band march off

820 Squadron Disembark RFA Argus After Ebola Aid Mission in Sierra Leone

The 6th of April saw the return of RFA Argus and her squadron of 820 Merlins return from deployment to Sierra Leone after assisting with the ebola outbreak. The RFA Argus stayed close to Loe Bar as the  Merlins departed back to RNAS Culdrose.

Merlin MK2 of 820 Squadron

RFA Argus off Loe Bar near Helston

820 Squadron Merlin MK2


Merlin MK2 of 820 Squadron back at RNAS Culdrose