Friday 30 November 2012

Waxwings at Falmouth

The Waxwings were spotted yesterday I think and Steve Rogers kindly confirmed for me today the birds were still at Falmouth so off I went.  Light wasn't fantastic but the opportunity to photograph Waxwings doesn't come that often. In such a rush I had the wrong Focus settings on the camera so I lost a few shots but still quite happy with what I have. (school boy error, always check your settings, lol) Anyhow regardless here are some of the images.

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Full Moon tonight

Well the rain has finally moved away and the sky is cloudless at last.  No wildlife shots today but the forecast for Friday does look good, at present.  Just the one shot tonight another moon shot, not quite there yet but working on it!

Friday 23 November 2012

Quickie tonight

No photography today due to van maintenance, so just a moon shot from tonight.

Nikon D800, 500mm f4 with x2 converter

Thursday 22 November 2012

Porthleven Storm Pictures

Pictures from my other blog on Porthleven stormy sea's today:

Day before the storm rains in

Well with stormy weather on the horizon I thought I would make a big effort Wednesday to get out and about. Covered Carnsew, Hayle, St Gothians, Godrevy Point, Hells Mouth and Marazion with varying degrees of success. So I will just post the images so you can see how I got on:


Starlings going to roost at Longrock

Male Long Tailed Duck, St Gothian Sands

Pochard, St Gothians Sands

Male Long Tailed Duck St Gothian Sands

Redshank, St Gothian Sands

Seals, at Godrevy Point

Moon Shot from Marazion

Sunday 18 November 2012

A few from the last couple of days

Ok things are a bit quiet again so a quick post today just a few from the last two days at Marazion and Stithians




Great Spotted Woodpecker

House Sparrow



Friday 16 November 2012

Murky day at Stithians and can D4 see in the dark?

Well last night after the starlings went down at Marazion I took the D4 and fisheye lens down on the beach. It was dark and I wasn't expecting anything from a hand held camera in the dark but I was blown away by the image from the D4.  Buoyed by the result I decided to go out in the overcast conditions to Stithians where I had intended to test the camera's capabilities even more. Unfortunately conditions were not ideal grey murk and fine rain/foggy conditions prevailed. So even the D4 could not see through that lot. Still I persevered and got some images all shot at ISO 8000.
The hide in the Southern Cut off had changed somewhat since I last visited. Simon Taylor (with assistance I am sure) has done an excellent makeover, enlarging the windows, providing benches and  re-establishing a great bird feeding area. It all adds up to a great bird watching/photographic experience.  If you visit please take a long a bag off bird food for the feeding station (yes I forgot!)  to help Simon keep it topped up through the winter.
I didn't see to much today but the area was visited a couple of times by a sparrowhawk, so I might try again tomorrow. Well that's enough from me onto some images:

Night shot off St Michael's Mount and Penzance


Marsh Tit

Great Tit

Sparrow Hawk (Predator in the woods)

Possible Ring Necked/Tufted Duck?

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Cracking Sunny Day

Well a long overdue sunny day at last. Intentions were Carnsew, Ryan's Field, some surf photography at Godrevy, Hells Mouth and then Marazion. Well it didn't quite come together. Spent the first hour at Carnsew with the Long Tailed Duck generally distant. I then set off for Ryan's field but bumped into Andrew Carey and showed him the Long Tailed Duck. For some reason went he turned up the Long Tail Duck decided to swim inside the buoy and pose for him; and as a consequence I spent another hour there and got some nice shots. Next was Ryan's field but only briefly, no sign of the King Fisher today. Running late I had to give Hells Mouth a miss. So onto Godrevy for some surf photography again running late by now so that was scuppered by the late afternoon sun. Still onto Marazion for the Starlings (video) I chose a different position tonight which didn't quite work out so no Starling video!  Here are the images selected from today's shoot, a hard choice off the Long Tailed Duck one, though.

See it's not just the LT duck at Carnsew

Long Tailed Duck

Even got preening shots today

A nice camera pose

Buzzard at Ryan's Field

Late afternoon at Marazion

Starlings coming to roost, fisheye shot so they are the small specs in the sky!

Monday 12 November 2012

Starlings Roost at Marazion

This was my first attempt using the video outside so apologies for my video skills not doing the event justice, however hopefully the video will bring across the huge amount of starlings at present roosting in the Marazion area. Light not good as usual but soon luck will be on my side and we will get a cloudless sky one day soon!! (Hopefully)

Sunday 11 November 2012

Spoonbill at Hayle and Marazion

Went out to photograph Kingfishers but they were a no show today. Today I have Spoonbill and Long Tailed Duck again! So a short post here are the images and  a short video from the D800!

D800 video of Spoonbill at Hayle

Spoonbill Hayle

Long Tailed Duck with fish

Long Tailed Duck

Spoonbill at Marazion

Saturday 10 November 2012

Action Packed Morning

Long tailed duck was closer today, which gave a few photo opportunities when the light was right between the clouds and showers. Ryan's field which is normally quiet was full of action.  Kingfisher was content to fish near the hide as was a Little Egret and a Gull, only one that did not play for the camera was the Spoonbill!
Some distant shots but hopefully you will get a sense of the good morning I had. (Long Overdue,lol)

Long Tailed Duck

Long Tailed Duck


Gull with crustacean

Distant Spoonbill

Kingfisher in the hover

Little Egret with fish

Thursday 8 November 2012

Ground Hog day today

Well I did plan to go to Tehidy Park today but as usual plans changed and I ended up going to Hayle, Carnsew and Marazion pretty much the same circuit as yesterday. Another look at the long tailed duck first but the car park was full so I went to Ryan's Field. A bonus here was a kingfisher. Later photographed the Long Tail Duck a bit closer than yesterday. Starling at Marazion numbered in there thousands again but their performance was ruined by poor light. Rights some pictures then:


Great reflection

Lunch for the cormorant

Starlings at Marazion

Long Tailed Duck

Long Tailed Duck