Monday 24 November 2014

Night Photography

Well I have been waiting for conditions to present themselves for the opportunity to take some night shots of the Wheal Prosper Engine House at Rinsey on the Cornish coast.  Did a stop of at Marazion on the way to have few shots there also. Mean't to be a test run really as we had  clear skies and no wind, but no moonlight (a little would of helped.)  All exposure were about 20-30 seconds and the buildings where appropriate were painted with a torch for a few seconds, will likely try and flash next time. Also may try a double exposure one for the sky and one for the engine house and combine the two later. It's just a case of a bit of trial and error etc until a satisfactory result is achieved. Got to admit though quite pleased with last nights results so far.

Skies over Marazion

Long exposure, hence the cloud movement

Marazion Marsh

St Michael's Mount

Wheal Prosper Engine House

A fisheye view cropped

Thursday 20 November 2014

Aviation Photograpy at RNAS Culdrose

A few of my images from the last couple of weeks from about four visits to RNAS Culdrose.
Bit picture heavy but we did have blue skies in some for a change!

Hope you enjoy I will update image captions later:

Merlin MK2 

Hawk T1A of 736 NAS Squadron

Britten Norman Defender

Sea king AEW

Hawk T1 of Empire Test Pilot School

King Air of 750 NAS


Hawk T1A

Reality Escapade Jaribu

EV97 Team Eurostar

Caledonian Airbourne Systems Reims F-406

Sea king AEW

Sea King AEW

Hawk T1A

AW159 Wildcat

771 NAS MK5 Sea King SAR

Hawk T1A

Sea King AEW

Hawk T1A

Morning visit to Ryan's Field at Hayle

Well finally it stopped raining and I managed a couple of hours at Ryan's field in Hayle. Only local stuff around, no rarities but good to get out. Got a kingfisher action sequence see previous post and these residents birds (first one is from Helston)

Kingfisher at Ryan's Field

Managed to capture a Kingfisher action sequence at some distance, heavily cropped but a good record, shame the fish was not caught by the kingfisher.