Wednesday 23 January 2013

Some more from Marazion

Still quiet here and I got a big shock when the sun that was forecast all day, only showed for five minutes "not" (I don't know why BBC do a weather forecast?) Anyhow despite the cloud two/three Bitterns were flying around quite a bit today. I saw the sparrowhawk again yesterday although it didn't get a meal this time. Managed to grab a shot off an wren which is often seen by myself but not still enough usually to photograph.  So after another quiet couple of days, here are the images:





Tuesday 22 January 2013

Some from the last couple of outings

Well the 2013 has started off a bit slow, but I did mange a few images. Some off my outings gained images and some absolutely zero images (but that is wildlife and the weather for you,lol) I have been all over my usual patch Marazion, Hayle, Carnsew Basin, Helston, Sandy Cove etc. Highlight was a Common Tern at Carnsew basin, odd sight for this time off year, light was poor but I still had to get the record shot for the blog. Common Tern's usually arrive in April and leave August/September. Still hoping for snow, can someone send a huge amount of snow down here please, lol?

Well here we are today's selection:

Black Necked Grebe at Newlyn

Black Necked Grebe with catch

Shoveller at Helston

Whooper Swan at Helston

Common Tern at Carnsew Basin

Friday 18 January 2013

No snow but did see a yellow thing in the sky!

Yes blue skies were over Cornwall for a short period today so I managed to get the camera out for the first time since New Years day. An active day down at Marazion marsh, everything distant but so good to get out again. Here are a few shots from today.

Not sure where he got the fish from but descaled it before eating!


Bittern (master of disguise)

Posing for a portrait

The Sparrowhawk has caught a snipe
Look carefully and you can see the Sparrowhawk heading off for dinner with the snipe 

Oyster Catcher


Wednesday 2 January 2013

Black start to New Year in 2013

Ok it's nothing sinister in the title just all the pictures I got today feature black plumaged birds. I went to Godrevy, Marazion, Hayle and Newlyn, amazed by the amount of people out on their once a year walks, everywhere was crowded. Sun was out at Godrevy at last! but had disappeared behind cloud again by the time I got to Newlyn.  The Black necked grebe at Newlyn was very obliging, in fact so good I will visit again when the light is better. Well hope you have all recovered from the festivities, and are looking forward to a good new year.

What a racket this chap was making at Godrevy point

Great Northern Diver

Black Necked Grebe

Black Necked Grebe

Black Necked Grebe