Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some from the last couple of outings

Well the 2013 has started off a bit slow, but I did mange a few images. Some off my outings gained images and some absolutely zero images (but that is wildlife and the weather for you,lol) I have been all over my usual patch Marazion, Hayle, Carnsew Basin, Helston, Sandy Cove etc. Highlight was a Common Tern at Carnsew basin, odd sight for this time off year, light was poor but I still had to get the record shot for the blog. Common Tern's usually arrive in April and leave August/September. Still hoping for snow, can someone send a huge amount of snow down here please, lol?

Well here we are today's selection:

Black Necked Grebe at Newlyn

Black Necked Grebe with catch

Shoveller at Helston

Whooper Swan at Helston

Common Tern at Carnsew Basin


JRandSue said...

Love the B.N. Grebe Bob,superb captures.

holdingmoments said...

Great shots as always Bob.
Common Tern this time of year? That's gotta be a first.

Unknown said...

Black Neck Grebe looks a beauty and it wont be long till you get a Bittern close up.