Sunday 29 December 2013

Three Bitterns at Marazion

With a small clear weather window, I head to Marazion today for a couple of hours.  Within about ten minutes off getting there I had seen three bitterns not a bad start, lol.  However typically it went quiet after that.  Occasional good light shone on the resident birds so some images of them also.
Pictures added also of a couple of cormorants at Porthleven taking shelter from the stormy conditions.

Saturday 28 December 2013

Stormy Conditions at Porthleven

These images were taken on the 27th Dec at Porthleven. Not the biggest waves I have seen there but hopefully they give you a sense of size that can be achieved. (these being about 50% of the size of the biggest storm waves I have seen there) Porthleven is one of the most popular places for storm watching and produces an epic spectacle when conditions are right.

Large Sea Swell at Lands End

Well the predicted stormy weather arrived as expected so I decided to look at Land End to see what conditions were like there on the 27th December.  Quite stormy, but I think the worst of it had gone further north. Still some nice images of the Longships Lighthouse.

Cury Hunt visit Helston on Boxing Day

Cury Hunt visited Helston on Boxing Day as they do every year, showing off the horses and hounds in Coinagehall street near the monument. Although difficult because it is crowded there are opportunities for some decent images. And before anyone starts I was there in a photography capacity only, and not as part of a hunting/anti hunting debate!

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Stormy Sea conditions and road flooded again in Helston

Well low pressure continues, hence the wind and rain and there is some hail just came down now as I type this.  So the road is flooded as usual between Helston and Porthleven must be an easy fix, think it is only a drain that gets blocked with leaves!

Porthleven at high tide was a nice size but I have seen it a lot bigger in previous years. Could be good again this weekend. Tide and light should be good for photography, although it will be chucking it down, so not for fair weather photographers, lol.  Little bits of rain and lots of wind today and the light was often a little awkward/interesting.  Still here are some images which I will probably edit later when I have processed the better ones.

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Sunny day before the storm at Marazion

Well nice warm day for December, just wish it would get colder and freeze/snow, due a cold winter by now in Cornwall! All the wildlife was taking advantage of the warm conditions, even blue skies were in abundance, and good to see two bitterns at Marazion.  Took me a while today to find my blogger dashboard looks like google have thrown another spanner in the works, still got here eventually, lol.  First post for a while and in a rush so I will just get straight onto the images:

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Badger in Helston

Well set out a remote wildlife trail camera as something had dug a large hole in a garden, needless to say it was a nice surprise when the badger was caught on film.

Sunday 1 December 2013

Photo Exhibition and Skating Rink at Epworth Hall Helston

I will be exhibiting my some of my photography at Epworth Hall, Helston from 2nd Dec-8th Dec.  Timings as follows:

6pm-9pm on Dec 2nd
10am-9pm on Dec 3rd
10am-4pm on Dec 4th
10am-4pm on Dec 5th
10am-9pm on Dec 6th and 7th
10am-approx 5pm on Dec 8th

The skating rink will be open daily 10am-9pm

The first day will be spent setting up the exhibition hopefully opening about 5pm, on Thursday 5th the exhibition venue has been allocated for another use hence the early closure Thursday, skating will continue as normal

I hope to be there about 2-3 hrs each day, additional images will be offered for sale when I am in attendance

Pop along and have a look maybe a winter skate also?

Subjects covered will include Wildlife, Helston Flora Day, Helston Flora Horse Show, RNAS Culdrose Air Day, Night Photographs of Helston, Porthleven storms/Helston Floods and Helstonbury