Thursday 30 June 2011

No Winners Again but Improvement

I again entered the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Last year I had one image reach the Semi Final stage. This year I didn't get any winners again but had four images onto the Semi Final stage so things are looking up. All the images have been on the blog before, so unless your new to the blog you will of likely seen them before, unlucky they are here again. The four images below:

Animals in Their Environnement

Waterrail on the Snow at Marazion

Bird Behaviour
Kestrel eating Vole at Marazion

Bird Behaviour
Grey Wagtail at Marazion

The Green Heron at Heligan

Monday 27 June 2011

Small stuff at Stithians

Blighted by poor weather still, summer? I don't think so.  Well it has been pants weather for photography and most everything else. So you likely find yourself like me, the sun makes an appearance and you have to spend all day catching up on gardening and DIY chores! How ever I still managed to grab an hour at Stithians with the camera. With little happening on the main lake, I decided to get the macro lens out had have a go. Quite hard as there was a strong wind and harsh lighting, but a bit of practice for me and a new post during these lean times at present.  So onto the images no stunners but it was windy. (well that is my excuse) Oh and no insect names because my insect ID skills are even worse than my bird ones!!!! Ok here are the pictures.

He was feeding on small larvae in the water


Sunday 19 June 2011

Camera out at last, Hells Mouth and Stithians

 June's photography opportunities have been decimated by work and weather but I was determined to get out today. I was sort of hoping I would still find some youngsters around. A few gulls and a Razorbill chick were all I seen though.  It was very quiet, getting towards that time of year where everything is quiet and what is here is well hidden, so we have to work harder to get our images. Still you never know what is around the corner, as I found out on opening the hide shutter at Stithians I was greeted by a fox about 8 yards away and he seemed very interested in the noise the camera shutter was making and so posed well for me. Also this week I had a hard drive fail so lots off raw image data lost, still got the jpg's though. Ordered two new external hard drives to ensure this doesn't happen again.  Then somebody mentioned docking stations, where a normal hard drive is just thrown in bare! I must do more to keep up with technology! Well enough rambling and onto some pictures from today.

Fulmar, still after a good flight shot of this bird but light conditions were poor today.


Razorbill with chick

Fox at Stithians (no wonder there are not many young birds around)

Cormorant bathing

Sunday 12 June 2011

Followers Missing

My followers have become invisible/missing for a couple of weeks now. A search on the internet reveals this is a problem for a lot of people.  Threads on the matter in google help forums are always closed without giving an answer on how to resolve this.

Anyone out there know how to solve this problem?

It is forecast to rain heavily all day so no photography, thought I would spend my Sunday off tackiling computer issues!!

Wednesday 8 June 2011

A Couple from the Weekend

Photography is off to a slow start in June due to work etc, having a rest after the Isle of Mull trip. I did venture out at the weekend and here are a couple of shots to keep the blog up to date.


Heron with fish, one did escape to fight another day, look left below the Heron

Cormorant off to a perch

Drying out in the sunny weather.