Monday, 27 June 2011

Small stuff at Stithians

Blighted by poor weather still, summer? I don't think so.  Well it has been pants weather for photography and most everything else. So you likely find yourself like me, the sun makes an appearance and you have to spend all day catching up on gardening and DIY chores! How ever I still managed to grab an hour at Stithians with the camera. With little happening on the main lake, I decided to get the macro lens out had have a go. Quite hard as there was a strong wind and harsh lighting, but a bit of practice for me and a new post during these lean times at present.  So onto the images no stunners but it was windy. (well that is my excuse) Oh and no insect names because my insect ID skills are even worse than my bird ones!!!! Ok here are the pictures.

He was feeding on small larvae in the water



S K Ditta said...

The photographs of the insects (don't ask me for names either) are stunning. I recall watching programs on the Discovery channel, where insect structures were shown under a microscope. Amazing detail. Thanks, Bob!

holdingmoments said...

Good selection Bob. I like that spider.

JRandSue said...

Your Macro Images,are pure magic Bob.