Sunday 19 June 2011

Camera out at last, Hells Mouth and Stithians

 June's photography opportunities have been decimated by work and weather but I was determined to get out today. I was sort of hoping I would still find some youngsters around. A few gulls and a Razorbill chick were all I seen though.  It was very quiet, getting towards that time of year where everything is quiet and what is here is well hidden, so we have to work harder to get our images. Still you never know what is around the corner, as I found out on opening the hide shutter at Stithians I was greeted by a fox about 8 yards away and he seemed very interested in the noise the camera shutter was making and so posed well for me. Also this week I had a hard drive fail so lots off raw image data lost, still got the jpg's though. Ordered two new external hard drives to ensure this doesn't happen again.  Then somebody mentioned docking stations, where a normal hard drive is just thrown in bare! I must do more to keep up with technology! Well enough rambling and onto some pictures from today.

Fulmar, still after a good flight shot of this bird but light conditions were poor today.


Razorbill with chick

Fox at Stithians (no wonder there are not many young birds around)

Cormorant bathing


S K Ditta said...

The picture of the fox is stunning. Technical malfunction causing any loss of pictures would be a real loss. I enjoy your pictures very much, and your blog is worthy of being shared with others. Keep up the good work, Bob!

Sam Stewart said...

Nice shot of the red fox, and also the razor bill is taken at a really nice perspective. good detail in the shot of the cormorant too

Ashley Hugo said...

Stunning Fox!!

Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie! The Razorbill and fox are my favorites ;)