Saturday 15 February 2020

Another visit to search for the Short Eared Owls

Although distant again it was fantastic to witness 3/4 shorties enjoying a succesful hunting period. The area seems to provide a plentiful supply of small rodents to enusre the owls are well fed. Occasionally a crow/raven/kestrel etc will try to steal the meal sometimes sucessful sometimes not. The SEO do defend their prey items against thieves but sometimes they are out manouvred.  These are fantastic birds to observe and hopefully they will return again later this year.

The wouldbe thief was chased off on this occasion

Friday 14 February 2020

Storm Ciara at Porthleven

With all the media hype you would expect to see a storm of epic, earth shattering proportions!!!  Luckily I checked the swell charts which forecast a bigger swell after the main event. I stuck with the trusted forecast and went on the Monday which was quiet compared to Sunday where alledgedly there were hundred of storm watchers/photographers. Monday there was probably between 10-20 people. Its not the biggest storm I have seen to hit Porthleven by a long shot, however it was an opportunity to test a newly aquired video camera/software along with the usual still images. First up is a link to the video I shot:

Storm Ciara at Porthleven Video

Now for the still images: