Thursday 6 June 2019

Visit to LFA7 in May 2019

With an RAF ban on Typhoons and non UK based aircraft in The Mach Loop, it was going to be difficult to get a huge amount of low fly images. On the plus side the USAF were still using the Mach Loop and other areas of LFA7. Even manged to get a pair of F-16 Falcon aircraft down the A5 pass. So a producitive visit considering the dwindling use of the LFA7 at present.

Full Image Gallery Here: LFA7 Gallery May 2019

F-15E Strike Eagle A5 Pass

F-16C Fighting Falcon A5 Pass


RAF Texan

RAF Hawk T2

USAF F-15E Strike Eagle, Corris Corner

USAF CV-22 Osprey

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Quick Visit to Tebay and Settle/Carlisle Line

A quick visit in Carlisle, took the opportunity to photograph a couple of Steam Locomotives at Tebay and on the Carlisle to Settle Line. Some more modern trains also photographed as they appeared in addition to the Steam trains.

Virgin Class 390 Pendolino at Tebay

70000 Brittania at Tebay

46590 Leander at Tebay

46590 Leander on the Settle to Carlisle at Armathwaite

46590 Leander on the Settle to Carlisle at Armathwaite

Class 47 Diesel near Penrith

Class 390 Pendolino near Penrith

The Beluga XL at Hawarden Airport

My first visit to Hawarden Airport to witness the Airbus Beluga/XL aircraft.  It is a very odd looking aircraft and yes it does really conjure up an image of a flying whale!!!! Manged to see two aircraft XL2 and number 5. From land on to launch there is a turn around time of about 60-90 minutes at Hawarden,  to be loaded with Airbus wings and other parts which are flown from Broughton to France. Here are some of the images (heat haze may affect a couple)

Full Image Gallery Here: Hawarden Beluga Gallery