Monday 29 April 2013

Cornwall Council, ignore local council to obliterate free parking at Marazion


In short Cornwall Council have over ridden the wishes of the local council and obliterated the only free parking zone at Marazion, with some crap excuse about promoting cycling and fitness. SPOOKILY Cornwall Council own the nearest FEE PAYING CAR PARK to this parking zone that they have removed. The real deal is they are money grabbing bunch of t--ts, please vote them out when you get the chance! I think they did the same at Par beach pool car park also!
At present they have constructed a nice high kerb to stop you parking which is just the right height for "billy boy racer" to flip his car and kill some people when he races past. More details here:

And I commend Nigel Honess for resigning in protest against the action of Cornwall Council.

Marsh Harrier at Marazion

Hi All,

Apologies for the lack of posts lately I have been busy getting my van ready for my trip to the Isle of Mull and Outer Hebrides in May and June this year. Be tough but someone has to do it, lol.  Anyhow a nice surprise at Marazion when the reported Marsh Harrier came over the Marsh, a bit distant but some record shots are better than none at all!

Marsh Harrier

Sand Martin

Marsh Harrier

Ducklings racing for cover

Grey Heron

Grey Heron and Marsh Harrier

Friday 12 April 2013

A Robins Song, Can You Help/Support this worthy cause?

A Cornish Artist, Ian Griffiths (Griff) has a project to bring wildlife closer to families at the Childrens's Hospice, Little Harbour.

One of the avenues to raise funds will be the sale/auction of works donated by artists and photographers.

To this end I will be framing and then donating the following image towards this cause, once the image framing is complete I will update the picture, well I forgot to get a picture once it was mounted and framed by Pictures and Things Gallery who were kind enough to mount the image free of charge, so here is a jpg that is fairly representative of the final image. 

This is a very worthy cause, can you help there are many ways to support and donate, please visit A Robins Song for more details and information

Sunday 7 April 2013

Saturday morning at Marazion

Well an early start at about 8:30am, just so I could get parked, oh and the sun was out with hardly any rain. Surprisingly we had three Bitterns in view (although distant) all simultaneously. Also had a Swallow appear and managed some nice shots of the local Little Egret  .

Little Egret

Successful Strike

Chiff Chaff




Wednesday 3 April 2013

Walmsley and Marazion

Walmsley today and Marazion yesterday! Not a lot happening at present so I will just get straight onto posting some images:

Black Swan





Black Swan

Monday 1 April 2013

Super Scoter Sunday

Well I was far from happy with my first visit to view the Drake Scoter at Swanpool, as it only stayed in photographic range for a brief two minutes or so when I was there. I went again on Sunday it was cloudy and overcast oh and freezing. However the bird was present near the main car park at Swanpool. I armed myself with the 300mm lens instead of the 500mm from my previous visit, this was a good move only constrained by the shallow depth of field due to the light. That said I am still very pleased with the images I managed. I may visit again should the sunshine appear at any stage whilst the bird is still there. Photographing was quiet and peaceful until someone threw some bread in then all hell broke loose. The drake Scoter despite being out numbered by 30 or so gulls, approx 10 mallard and 3-4 coots decided to throw his weight around determined to get the bread. He just bullied all the other birds out of the way. Ok some pictures.