Monday 29 April 2013

Cornwall Council, ignore local council to obliterate free parking at Marazion


In short Cornwall Council have over ridden the wishes of the local council and obliterated the only free parking zone at Marazion, with some crap excuse about promoting cycling and fitness. SPOOKILY Cornwall Council own the nearest FEE PAYING CAR PARK to this parking zone that they have removed. The real deal is they are money grabbing bunch of t--ts, please vote them out when you get the chance! I think they did the same at Par beach pool car park also!
At present they have constructed a nice high kerb to stop you parking which is just the right height for "billy boy racer" to flip his car and kill some people when he races past. More details here:

And I commend Nigel Honess for resigning in protest against the action of Cornwall Council.


Monts said...

Totally agree Bob, anyone else taking money by false pretenses would be put inside.

Anonymous said...

Shameful ruination of this once great beach. The access is now hindered for dog walkers, kite surfers, wind surfers, or anyone just wanting to stop and eat a pasty.

This was never about road safety for cyclists... the sand dune on the corner is plain dangerous on the blind bend. I drove past yesterday, and the cycle lane was deserted... nobody sitting on the token seating. £1.90 for two hours in the car park... no thanks.

£50k of public money spent on this scheme, it's a revenue raiser... I've done a cashflow analysis with some fairly conservative assumptions, and its likely to be a better investment than Cornwall Council's numerous solar farms.

Now they are charging per use of the toilets. I saw two coaches there yesterday, long queues and puzzlement. Well done, West Penwith is going to the dogs, just supermarkets, and gouging locals and tourists.

Double council tax on second homes might be a more effective money spinner. I won't be feeding your ticket machines with any money.. the charity car park in Marazion is far more worthy.

False pretenses indeed. Cycle lane... BS

Bobbster said...

Well said Rich B