Sunday 16 December 2018

A quick visit to Ryans Field/Hayle Estuary

With sunny days a rarity a the moment finally had one appear so I was about to go out and photograph short eared owls. Unfortunately due to vandals breaking some drainage equipment for the farm ponds I was informed access was no longer allowed in the area, so thanks to the inconsiderate morons who did that. Opted for Hayle instead unfortunately tide was low so very little in camera reach. Did mange to get a couple of shots and distant views of a Kingfisher which is always great to see. Hoping for some proper winter weather far to mild/wet at present!!!!

John Deere Tractor (well I said it was quiet)


Meadow Pipit bathing



Saturday 1 December 2018

Helston Christmas Lights Switch On

A windy night but I managed to find a shelterd spot down the boating lake for the firework display. In town the lights were being blown all over the place so no pictures of those. Last time I did this event the town was packed with people, seemed a bit of a low turn out for this year for some reason. I didn't see as many stalls either this year. (maybe they all just left after the firework display?) Still a good effort to get into the spirit of things by some businesses, The Rodney Inn, Gilllians Larder and some others. (Possibly November is just to early?) Official Xmas lights look splendid so I may re-visit when it is less windy to get some shots of them.

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Winter visitors, Short Eared Owls in Cornwall

My first look for Short Eared Owls (Asio Flammeus) this winter. Located on the hills of South West Cornwall I counted around six owls spread over a large area of heathland. As I said it was a large area so most shots are from a far distance with a lens reach of 750mm to 1100mm. Hopefully the owls will stay in the area as food supply(voles) seemed plentiful. Spent around three hours watching them hawking, and with some success capturing voles. There was also one pair in the distance that seemed to be wasting a lot of enery fighting over access to the plentiful food supply. So a good day hopefully more visits before the birds move on, Cornish weather permitting!!!!

Thursday 15 November 2018

F-35B Lightning II, First Flying Visit to RNAS Culdrose

An F-35B Lightning II aircraft, ZM143 from 617 squadron made a debut visit to RNAS Culdrose "The Home of Carrier Aviation"  on the 14/11/2018.  A quick drive from Helston and I managed to get myself in position to record the event in time.  This was the first flight where an  F-35B had graced the skies above RNAS Culdrose and it looked  like many of the base personell took time out to witness the F-35B in circuit around the base. On the first approach the aircraft did an orbit/recce of the airfield then carried out two approaches prior to returning to RAF Marham.  The F-35B Lightning II is currently embarked for trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth the Royal Navy's newest aircraft carrier.

Saturday 3 November 2018

Navy Wings Nightshoot Oct 2018

A long journey to RNAS Yeovilton from Cornwall for an evening nightshoot in associaton with and NavyWings. An unevenful journey up apart from the car travelling the wrong way on the A30!!! (Everyone managed to avoid it safely) Arrived just in time for a quick cuppa in the Fleet Air Arm Museum cafe then it was off to the site car park to await our transport. I think there was two coach loads of photographers so about 100 in total, sounds a lot but with the aircraft nicely dispersed there were no crowding issues, everyone being polite and respecting each others space. During the "blue hour" the skies were unfortunately 90% covered in cloud so that was not helpful. Once darkness fell the excellent flood lighting set up by came into its own; all the aircraft exhibits were well lit and positioned. Hot beverages, bicuits and Navy Wings items were available in the hangar if you needed a break from the photography. This time I was armed with a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm which was a nice combination for the shoot.  Last time I had a 300mm as the 70-200mm was in for repair.Must get a stronger tripod for the next event though, as I tried a portrait shot with the 70-200mm, I just could not get a steady shot!!! Most of the aircraft were just static lit, but navigations lights were illuminated for a short period on the Wasp and Wildcat helicopters and a Sea Fury spread its wings from the folded position. As a bonus the Merlin MK4 commando helicopter was rotors engaged for a period of time.  All this enabled the photographers present to get a good variety of images. This was a well planned nightshoot the combination of Navywings/ provided a superb event for all attendees who themselves helped make the evening a winner. This is the second nightshoot by I have attended it is well organised and there is plenty advice on hand for the photography should you need it, so if your thinking about attending one I would highly recommend it, also its very good value for money comared to some events. Finally as the Royal Navy would say BZ all round!!! Now onto some pictures (there will be more on my website shortly

Sea Harrier and Wasp Has.1


Sea Vixen

Sea Fury

Royal Navy Phantom

Army Wildcat based at RNAS Yeovilton

Sea Harrier

Merlin MK4 Commando Helicopter

Merlin MK4 Commando Helicopter

Royal Navy Phantom

Wednesday 24 October 2018

United States Navy F-18 Super Hornets in the Low Fly Structure

Four USN F-18 aircraft lead by two F-15 aircraft took the opportunity to use LFA7 for some low flying training. The aircraft from USS Harry S Trueman were hosted by RAF Lakenheath for a short time before re-embarking to their ship. Light was very poor, compounded by a camera error on my part led to some high ISOs being used. Still is was an awesome sight/sound coupled with a callsign "Viper" and I did get some images, so here they are:

Final Flight of the 849 Sea Kings ASAC MK7 from RNAS Culdrose

Final Flight of the 849 Sea Kings ASAC MK7 from RNAS Culdrose. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control the only place to witness these aircraft was Burrator Reservoir near Plymouth. The aircraft flew over here on their way to retirement/disposal at HMS Sultan. Not been before I got there slightly later than anticipated and didnt have time to carry the big glass up the hill. So I made my way up with more portable glass, the images I managed to get are below. It was a long time since I had seen three Sea King ASAC Mk7s in the air so BZ the engineeers for making in happen.