Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Winter visitors, Short Eared Owls in Cornwall

My first look for Short Eared Owls (Asio Flammeus) this winter. Located on the hills of South West Cornwall I counted around six owls spread over a large area of heathland. As I said it was a large area so most shots are from a far distance with a lens reach of 750mm to 1100mm. Hopefully the owls will stay in the area as food supply(voles) seemed plentiful. Spent around three hours watching them hawking, and with some success capturing voles. There was also one pair in the distance that seemed to be wasting a lot of enery fighting over access to the plentiful food supply. So a good day hopefully more visits before the birds move on, Cornish weather permitting!!!!

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JRandSue said...

Stunning post Bob,superb action shots.