Wednesday 11 January 2012

Sunny Cornwall "at last"

Well it has been a long wait but finally after some weeks the light and wind was good for photography, so  a lot of cameras out and about today. A bit foggy early on but this soon burned off to allow the winter sun to shine through. Marazion was quiet apart from the Reed Cutter. Did see the Bittern so that is still there, Kestrel made an appearance also. Then I went to the boating lake in Helston for another go at the Egyptian Goose, light here was fantastic. So onto the images:

Chiff Chaff


Cormorant (thought it was tangled in a fishing line, but this was not the case)

Egyptian Goose

Mallard enjoying the sun

Tufted duck



Monday 9 January 2012

Helston Egyptian Goose

Well a quick post today from Helston Boating Lake. Really awful light again despite the forecast of sunshine!!!
Anyway the Egyptian Goose is still present for now.

Friday 6 January 2012

Killer Carrion at Ryans Field

An injured Lapwing was struggling at Ryans Field, two Carrion Crows were immediately on it's case. The Lapwing put up a tremendous fight but in the end there was only going to be one outcome. The Lapwing had to endure its original injury, pecking and the drowning attempts by the assailants. Weakened the bird was dragged onto the shore, where the two carrion pinned the bird down and just ate it whilst it was still alive, feathers and chunks of lapwing were ruthlessly ripped from bird.  All this took four minutes before the Lapwing succumbed. So that is how nature works the strong pick out the weak and a brutal, sometimes slow death follows.  Anyway after watching the Crows have lunch I popped over to Marazion very quiet here, did get a fleeting glance of the Bittern so one is still there. Again photography was dogged by bad light, so image quality isn't fantastic, but I try! Hope you enjoy the images from my first post this year.

The attack commences as the injured Lapwing struggles in the water

Dragged to shore, the Lapwing is doomed

Eaten Alive

Still enjoy his ill gotten meal

Swan in flight at Mrazion

I said it was quiet, even the Mallard is in the first post of 2012