Tuesday 16 August 2016

Porthleven Lifeboat Day 2016

Porthleven lifeboat day held annually around August, the RNLI, Coastguard and Coastguard Helicopters all attend subject to call-outs. This year a Porthleven was the first appearance of the new S-92 Helicopter from Bristows based at Newquay airport. This year also in addition to the Penlee Lifeboat there were also two inshore ribs in attendance. The S-92 Helicopter announced his arrival with a loud siren over the harbour as he flew in. Then there was the spectacular lifeboat rescue demonstration with the helicopter, and on completion all three lifeboats entered the harbour for the crowds to see. A sunny day also, fantastic day all round.  A small selection of images here and remainder on my website at: Porthleven Lifeboat Day Images

Porthleven Gig Club

Inshore and Off shore lifeboats in the harbour

Inshore lifeboat

Rescue Demonstration with CG924

Rescue Demonstration with CG924

Rescue Demonstration with CG924

Coastguard Helicopter departs after SAR demonstration

The Penlee Fotilla

Monday 15 August 2016

RNAS Culdrose Air Day 2016

Well I was fortunate enough to obtain pictures on the preview day and Air Day itself; unfortunately for the organisers the British weather thwarted the flying display this year. Despite this there was still a lot of entertainment and other things to occupy people and most people went away happy despite the lack of flying. I did concentrate on obtaining aircraft images where I could despite the weather here is a small selection.

Belgian Air Force Sea King

German Luftwaffe Typhoon "60 year special"

Dutch NH90

Bronco OV 10B

Fairground ride, captures the low-visibility on the day!

736 Squadron Hawk T1 lands at RNAS Culdrose

A great sight, Gazelle in 705 squadron "sharks" livery

The local Merlin MK2 Helicopters

736 Squadron Hawk on static display

Rich Goodwin gives a nice departure on leaving

Sea Harriers on the ground provided some entertainment

One of the Team Raven prepares for departure

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

The much awaited debut of the F35A/B Lightning ll aircraft was finally realised at RIAT 2016. Also on a return visit was the stunning F22 Raptor from the USAF. Other notable aircraft for me were, the Ramex Delta team of two mirage 2000n aircraft giving their final ever display. The livery on one of the Ramex Delta aircraft was stunning as was a BAF F16 "Tiger" on the static display. German Air Force typhoons were not to be outdone with some artistic livery on their two typhoons.  Finally on the subject of livery was the Pakastan C130E Hercules transport aircraft depicting some sort of battle scene. In the skies the F35B demonstrated it versatility, appearing almost still in the hover with much more stability than it's predecessor the Harrier. It was a debut for the F35 so nothing to spectacular a hover demonstration and a bit of general flying with the weapons bay doors being opened on one pass.  A lot of fast jet activity in the skies included Eurofighter/Typhoon and F16's from various air forces. The Ramex Delta Mirages, a USAF F18 Super Hornet, Raptor, F22, F35A/B, Display teams from the Patrouille Suisse, Red Arrows, Polish Team Orlik, Frecce Tricolori from Italy, the Jordanians Falcons, Breitling Wing Walkers and Croation Air Force with their Pilatus PC-9M aircraft all added some fantastic displays of aerobatic co-ordination and skill. The A400M Atlas was again demonstrating an agility, which was hard to believe from such a large aircraft. Also some rotary wing displays from the Royal Navy "Blackcats" (two wildcat helicopters and the RAF Chinook display team. Of course no UK airshow runs smoothly as far as the British summer is concerned whilst ti did not rain a great deal the nearly ever present grey cloud was a pain for photographers during the show although it did help for burner shots!!!

German Luftwaffe Eurofighter

Atlas A400M

USAF F22 Raptor

RN/RAF F35B Lightning ll

Belgian Air Force F16 "Tiger"

RN/RAF F35B Lightning ll

Polish Air Force F-16 Tiger

Royal Jordanian Falcon

Polish Team "Orlik"

Pakastan Air Force C130-E

French Air Force Rafale

French Air Force Rafale

US Marines F35B Lightning ll

Spanish Air Force Eurofighter

Royal Navy Blackcats

Ramex Delta Mirage 2000N

Red Arrows BAE Hawk T1

US Marines F35B Lightning ll

USAF V-22 Osprey

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Dalmatian Pelican Re-visited

Well visted Drift about five times now hoping to get the Dalmatian Pelican in flight, well finally today I got a result to short flights. First was on the birds own accord, second time it was spooked by a swan carrying out a heavy landing in it's vicinity. Quite happy with these shots, so do not think I will need another visit unless the bird remains here for a very long time.

Thursday 26 May 2016

Dalmatian Pelican

This is the first time the Dalmatian Pelican has been sighted in the UK, first sighted in Cornwall on the 10th May 2016. The bird normally resides in a range from South Eastern Europe to India and China. I managed to catch up with the bird early morning on Thursday 26th May.