Saturday 26 June 2010

Take Aim, Focus and Miss!!!

Yep a game of hit and miss today, well more miss actually. Normally when chasing speeding bullets etc I have some sucess rate but not today for some reason.  So here are the best, although not very good efforts from two hours today at Croft Pool.

Swallow takes a dip, had it all been in focus etc including the two flies top right this would of made a nice shot.

Another swallow coming out of the dip, I was shooting them while waiting for a Hobby to turn up. (two did but way overhead)

Four Spot Fly, decided the Hobby wasn't going to show so had a go at this fly instead. The fly was dipping in the water which slowed him down enough for me to manually focus for this record shot.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Croft Pool and Stithians

Hi, Went to Croft Pool on The Lizard hoping to get some shots of the Hobby that occasionally visits.  Manged to get one only so I will visit again soon. Despite the sun it was somewhat cold at Stithians and water levels appear to be dropping this year. The single cygnet continues to survive and looks like it is doing well. Fairly quiet day so straight on to the images.

Hobby: Just did one fly by, typical I wanted some dragon fly hunting shots!


Redshank at Stithians

Great Crested Grebe


Finch:  I just liked the composition on this one.

Green finch

Goldfinch a frame filling shot but by the time I rotated the camera it was gone.

Swan and Cygnet

Drying off after a swim.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Little Grebe and ??????

Went in search of Hobby tonight at Croft Pool a no show today likely due to A) the northerly gusting wind and B) because I was there!!!! OK no doubt the first picture is a Little Grebe in great summer plumage. but I will leave it to you knowledgeable birders to ID the other warbler?

Little Grebe

Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler

Monday 14 June 2010

Semi Final Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

In the section Animal Behaviour Birds I had this image make it to the semi final.  Ok it won nothing but not a bad achievement getting that far!!!!

Sunday 13 June 2010

Chough's on The Lizard Penninsular a successful 2010

No Mistaking the Outline of this bird.

I visited The Lizard five or six times during May and June in an attempt to capture some images of the Choughs, not an endangered bird;  However rare in Cornwall though, but hopefully the small numbers are on the increase.  So the birds could breed and raise the young with the minimum of disturbance photography was sensibly kept to a couple of hours per visit.  Sounds a long time but you have to bear in mind the Choughs visit the area about once an hour.  Also if the general public were attracted by the large telephoto lenses this also resulted in the finishing of the days photo shoot to minimise disturbance in the area. Finally so as not to publicise the area creating more disturbance I decided not to publish the images until the chicks have flown the nest.  I also attempted some video, and it was rubbish!! But some may appear in this post, if you are lucky! or unlucky? Not the easiest of birds to photograph due to their dark black plumage, constant moving around and low light photography; as most images recorded early morning. Some images may not be the highest quality but to show behaviour of the Chough's I have posted them anyway! I hope you enjoy the images. The two adults and four young have now upped sticks and moved away from their nest site but can still be spotted/heard in various area's of The Lizard.

An adult Chough searches for food.

The parents take a well earned break from family duties.

All four young emerge, only three appeared the day before, so a relief to view all four together.

Feeding time

As well as food the youngsters need constant preening

A look of anxiety towards the large new world!

One of the first flights, they all soon became very competent fliers.

Learning the ropes browsing for food.

Gaining confidence here.

An early foray on the cliffs.

This fearless youngster gave me a close up shot when he landed about 15ft-20ft from where I was sitting.

And finally the Video(S) Well here is the first a second will appear later.

The second video of the choughs feeding here

Saturday 12 June 2010

Mixed day on The Lizard

Had a wander around the Lizard area today.  A mixed bag of results.  I just post the images as I am off to watch the overpaid footballers turn out for England.

Blackbird, well it posed so rude not to take a picture

Four Spot Fly?

Grey Seal

Young house sparrow? enjoying breakfast. I do like this shot.

Swift these are rather difficult to nail

Hobby Record shot

Again a record shot of the Hobby have to revisit and try again.

Saturday 5 June 2010

Macro on the Marsh

My first attempt at Macro for a while, and the best image today was taken with the 300mm? Despite the low wind forecast there never seems to be a day without wind in Cornwall which makes the macro photography rather tricky. So here are my attempts at macro and a couple of bird shots:

This image was taken with the 300mm, I thought the glow on the wings made for a really nice shot. Best viewed enlarged.

This one taken with the 100mm Macro lens.

Macro lens again

Caterpillar with Macro lens, this was the hardest one to get.

Back to the big lens stuff, still trying to get this image as I want it, wings and tail fanned out with head in good light, nearly there!

Stonechat to finish off with as he was contect to pose for the camera.