Saturday 4 May 2019

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre (at Newquay Airport)

Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre (CAHC) is located at Newquay Airport. There is a good selection of retired/demobbed airframes and other exhibits. Some of which you can tour others you can sit in the cockpit, so the aircraft are not just for viewing. A good cafe/shop is also on the site. All the staff are friendly and welcoming with a good knowledge of their aircraft. Some of the sircraft on site are still used by the RAF for salvage/lifting/recovery/exercise practice. In the hangar in addition to the exhibits there is a superb display of model aircraft that have been built by a variety of people. Well I will get on to the pictures so you can see what it is all about.

Vickers VC-10 Cockpit

Vickers VC-10 Engines

English Electric Lightning

RAF Shackleton (not part of CAHC)

Spirit of Truro

Museum Exhibit

Museum Exhibit

Royal Navy Seahawk

Harrier GR3

RAF Tornado GR4 "Shiny Two"

Vickers Varsity

BAE 125

Westland Lynx

Hawker Hunter

English Electric Lightning


Hawker Hunter

BAC1-11 Qinetiq

Vickers VC 10 ZA148

RAF Tornado GR4

Vickers VC 10