Tuesday 29 January 2019

Tornado Enthusiasts day at RAF Marham

With the Tornado about to retire from service in the Royal Air Force a final opportunity to visit these iconic jets was offered to enthusists. I was fotunate enough to be among the 150 or so selected. Despite dying from "man flu"  I managed to get to the event. Last place I needed to be a cold windy airfield!!! The day was well worth it, very friendly staff and three special livery airframes to mark the end of the Tornado service. Three special livery aircraft were on display outside and another in the hangar. Also in the hangar there was an opportunity to buy squadron prints, mugs badges etc. After a while taking photographs we were transported over to the runway to witness one of the jets flying. After this we went back to grab some final images, prints etc and then leave after an excellent day. Many thanks to all in RAF Marham for organising and making this event a success.