Friday 15 June 2012

My Blog Has Moved

To enable more functionality I have moved my blog to wordpress here: My New Blog

I have linked in all the blogs I was reading, unfortunately if you still wish to follow you will need to subscribe on the link on the new blog page.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback, look forward to hearing from you all on the new blog.

Thursday 14 June 2012

Another day on The Lizard

Well spent another day on The Lizard looking for the elusive blue cloudless sky to photograph Chough's in flight. Eventually after my fifth visit in six days a blue sky area appeared, but as look would have it the choughs wouldn't play ball, almost but not quite.  Next few days weather wise doesn't look very summary either, lol. So photography will be curtailed  again. Onto the pictures then a few images of the local residents.

Chough, not quite the image I was after ,but nearly.






Tuesday 12 June 2012

Ravens Revisted

Well the light was slightly better this morning for a short time so I took the opportunity to photograph the Ravens again.  The images were taken on a D7000 with 600mm hand held, so not easy.  Climbing along the cliff with a tripod was not feasible. I had to walk the long way around to get the light on them in the right direction and I managed to crawl up fairly close without disturbing them.

Don't think breakfast is happening!

"Headless Raven"

Raven surveying the coast

Well can't go to the Lizard and return without a Chough shot!

Monday 11 June 2012

Sunshine at last

Ha, false headline really, the only cloud in Cornwall was hovering over The Lizard today where I was!!! Did manage the sun for the last two hours. I will get straight onto some images as I am knackered and out again tomorrow, but there are two forecast one says rain and one says dry until lunchtime, in fact BBC says rain but has SUN displayed for all off Tuesday, I'm thinking rain but going out anyway as more stormy weather is inbound later this week. Okay some pictures from today:

Young Raven Family




Pipit with a mouthfull

Friday 8 June 2012

Inhumane actions, disgusting action by persons unknown

Seals heads nailed to Irish Seal Sanctuary door

Utterly disgusting - The seal head nailed to the seal sanctuary.
The wrong way to highlight a problem
June 2012. Last week a fishing boat in Dingle (Ireland) arrived home with roughly 20 boxes of monkfish, the majority of which had been damaged by seals. This incident is one of many which fishermen claim proves that seals need to be culled. 

On the morning of 7th June, an incident took place, which is to nobodies benefit, and indeed harms the reputation of the coastal community of Dingle and the fishing industry in general.
Dingle is internationally famous as the home of Fungie the friendly bottlenose Dolphin, and the town has benefited hugely from his presence.

Heads nailed to the entrance
As the staff of international and local volunteers arrived at the Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary they found the heads of a common seal and a grey seal nailed to the entrance sign into the Sanctuary, with the words Cull and RIP written in red alongside.


Wildlife Extra is speechless about this incident. We can think of no justification that merits this kind of barbarism. This could well set the fishermens cause back years.
Whoever perpetrated this needs to be aware just how counter productive this kind of action could be - With the potential to spark a boycott of Irish fish. 
    The DWSS is a major tourist attraction in the Southwest region and hosts school tours. The DWSS are generous sponsors of the Irish Seal sanctuary in their work to rehabilitate seals and raise awareness of marine issues. 

    The Irish Seal Sanctuary is working with the Industry and scientists in attempting to resolve conflicts between fishermen and seals. Both Common and Grey seals are protected under national and European law. Whoever is responsible for this incident has done the coastal Community of Dingle no favour's and the Gardai are investigating.
    While still seeking a reduction in seal numbers the Irish Fish Producers Organisation have condemned this illegal action as totally irresponsible as it only brings the fishing industry into disrepute.


    I make no apologies for this post sometimes people's action are unbelievable. I hope they are found and prosecuted.

    Saturday 2 June 2012

    Frustrating Day

    Set off early for a walk around the Lizard before the crowds turn up. Absolutely no joy for one reason or another for first 11/2 hours so  headed back to the van for a brew. Put the flask on the van step to adjust the tripod and the flask fell off and smashed.  Managed to pour a brew out before all the tea leaked away. Then inspected the flask full off silver shards, bugger and I just had a brew out of it. (still survived) At this point I am thinking it is not my day, time to wrap up and go home. How ever for some reason I persevered and did get a couple of images. (The magpie is from a couple of days ago)


    Jackdaw (test shot for exposure should I see any choughs)

    Chough duly turned up although distant

    Whitethroat, this bird was back and forward about every two minutes, must have a few mouths  to feed.