Wednesday 11 March 2020

"New" Nikon D850

Picked up a really good condition Nikon D850 from in Truro the other day (Good price and good service) . I have done some aviation shots and some night shots of the moon. So far I am impressed with the detail the camera can produce. Since the pictures below were taken I have added an optional battery grip which increases the FPS from 7 to 9. Off to Wales and around a few other places over the next couple of weeks where hopefully weather permitting I will be able to get a lot more pictures. Pictures of the moon for now some aviation ones later:

Sunday 1 March 2020

Shorties still in Cornwall for now!!!

Surprised when I went out to find three Short Eared Owls were still in the vicinty where they have been over-wintering. I thought they would of moved on by now, must be stormy weather keeping them here: Another surprise was some blue skies and good light for photography!!!!! So here are some of the images from a good couple of hours with these majestic birds.

Germans visit RNAS Culdrose

Unusal sighting this week of a German Navy Dornier Do228  57+05 flying into RNAS Culdrose on 27th Feb. Conditions were very challenging with very strong crosswinds and low morning sunlight, I managed to capture it going into the base but missed the departure so only a couple of images: