Tuesday 24 August 2010

Computer Fixed Now Back on Line

As the computer guru's charge £35 per hour + parts!!!! I decided to check out the computer myself, diagnosis a duff power supply unit? Fitted a new one for £26 and it works so happy now. Still lots of work going on preventing me from taking pictures, however got out for an hour today at Stithians.  I was there six days ago and water levels appear to off dropped loads since then.  Todays pictures feature the normal residents birds, but just good to get back out and posting again.

Two Heron,s being rather boisterous, Stiths not big enough for two of them?

Cormorant who drives through the reeds for fish as there isn't much open water left at Stiths Northern Cut Off

Record shot of the Greenshank

Wood Sandpier? Still in residence

Sunday 22 August 2010

Offline, normal service will be resumed soon (hopefully)

Very busy doing building work at present so no images.  Just to compound matters my main computer has died. (B????ard)  Currently limited access via my latop, building workand computer snags aside hopefully I will be fully functional and updating the blog soon. I will endeavor to catch up on all the blogs etc then. I can still connect to the net and email via my laptop, so not totally knackered. Laptop is not ideal for my photo work but I can use it for net connection and maybe photowork if repairs are not quick to the main computer. Blog back to normal????? soon I hope.

Monday 16 August 2010

Northern Cut Off Revisited

Well with rain forecast most of the week and impending structural work needing doing on my cottage, today was the last chance for images until the weekend. Another visit to Stithians, it was still quite lively and there weren't to many quiet periods. With the low water levels there seems to be some opportunistic fishing going on and some waders as a plus enjoying the mud.

Little Grebe putting on a show in front of the Golden Lion Hide

Snipe that dropped by.

Distant shot of Grey Heron with Frog.

Cormorant returns to his perch after a spot of fishing.


Grey Heron

Swallow out of the dip

Sand Martin to finish off with.

Saturday 14 August 2010

Stithians (Northern Cut Off)

All the pictures except one are form the Northern Cut Off (Red Lion Hide). Due to the lower water levels this year it is becoming difficult to get any subjects large enough in the frame from the main hide.  A walk down the side of the reservoir and things were still to distant. So I thought I would give the Northern cut off a try. Ok nothing spectacular but certainly more livlier than normal. Possibly providing some shelter here from the wind, unless you were in the hide! Todays Images:

Thanks for some late information from Simon Taylor the warden at Stithians "The bird on the left is a Wood Sandpiper (Note the prominent white eye stripe)

Middle one is the Greenshank (note size difference and upturned bill)

Two of the other 3 are Green Sandpipers

The remaining one may be the second Wood Sand

The wader on it's own in the next picture down is a Green Sand" so picture ID's ammended.

The main hide, shutters closed not a good sign??

Wood Sandpiper left, Greenshank centre and two Green Sandpipers

Closer shot of the Green Sandpiper

The Little Grebe feeding the youngster

The Little Egret and Heron shelter from the wind.

Game over for this fish?

Yes, no escape!!

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Poor show at Drift

Choice today, got to the mayhem and parking chaos at Falmouth to photograph the Red Arrows or go to Drift. Well like an idiot I chose Drift. Sighting of a Great White Egret mean't I could hopefully get a better shot than I did at Marazion last time I saw this bird.  Being totally inconsiderate it didn't show (Rach's blog did say some people may of spooked it) after I had dragged my tripod and 600mm rig the length of the resevoir; the lows of nature photography. Not a great deal of anything else was on show either, so I shall go straight to the poor return from today!!!

Nice close up here worth englarging

He was also bored at Drift


Monday 9 August 2010

Two Hours at Stithians

Visited Stithians for a couple of hours today between 12.30pm and 2.30pm. The yellow thing in the sky even came out!!!! And my first opportunity to get out for some pictures for a couple of weeks. Back to rain tomorrow-arghh!!! Still I have three weeks off now so hopefully there will be some good weather? Very quiet at Stithians, pictures mostly distant, notably the Greenshank, just good enough for a web post. Off topic now RED ARROWS in Falmouth on Wednesday evening anyone know a good vantage point  for pictures away from the town centre???

Ok onto todays efforts:

Curlew flew over before descending into a distant field

Greenshank with lunch

Greenshank in flight

? on the Southern Cut Off