Saturday, 14 August 2010

Stithians (Northern Cut Off)

All the pictures except one are form the Northern Cut Off (Red Lion Hide). Due to the lower water levels this year it is becoming difficult to get any subjects large enough in the frame from the main hide.  A walk down the side of the reservoir and things were still to distant. So I thought I would give the Northern cut off a try. Ok nothing spectacular but certainly more livlier than normal. Possibly providing some shelter here from the wind, unless you were in the hide! Todays Images:

Thanks for some late information from Simon Taylor the warden at Stithians "The bird on the left is a Wood Sandpiper (Note the prominent white eye stripe)

Middle one is the Greenshank (note size difference and upturned bill)

Two of the other 3 are Green Sandpipers

The remaining one may be the second Wood Sand

The wader on it's own in the next picture down is a Green Sand" so picture ID's ammended.

The main hide, shutters closed not a good sign??

Wood Sandpiper left, Greenshank centre and two Green Sandpipers

Closer shot of the Green Sandpiper

The Little Grebe feeding the youngster

The Little Egret and Heron shelter from the wind.

Game over for this fish?

Yes, no escape!!


sebi_2569 said...

very nice photo

JRandSue said...

As always, outstanding workmanship.

Friend of HK said...

Big catch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob great photography and your timing is perfect you sure are good at the fishing shots

Chris said...

Hi Bob,
Wow the little grebe feeding the youngster is may favorite there, but what a post!!

Sam and Lisa said...

Great minds think alike Bob, I was lucky with my shots of the wood sand as it gave me a couple of great fly bys, and for once I was sort of ready for them. The big glass is a 800mm Sigma. Great shots from you as always.