Monday 25 June 2018

The British Ironwork Centre

What a cracking place this is to visit. Stunning metalwork sculptures in abundance, artisan workshops, a metal safari park, a forge cafe for refreshments and it is free entry!!!! There is little point me trying to describe the place it really is superb and I would recommend a visit. I will post a variety of images to give you an idea of what can be encountered. The images can not convey the scale of the sculptures a lot are bigger than life-size I for one intend returning in the near future.


T-Rex Dinosaur

Giant spider (It is massive)

Knife Angel (Built with surrendered Knives)

Welsh Dragon on Jaguar car

Michael Jackson 

MOD Biker

African elephant in the metal safari park


African Lion

Spoon Gorilla (built with 40,000 spoons)

Model House in the gardens


Monday 4 June 2018

Coastguard/RNLI Exercise in Mounts Bay

Witnessed another Coastguard/RNLI exercise in Mounts Bay. Unfortunately the wind direction meant the Helicopter and Lifeboat were travelling away from my position. A few shots of the Penlee Lifeboat and Coastguard Helicopter were gained before the exercise elements disappeared almost over the horizon. In fact checking the radar on the phone it looked like they were four to five miles off the coast adjacent to Praa Sands!!! So here are some images I did manage.

Penlee Lifeboat "Ivan Ellen"

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter C-MCGY

Penlee Lifeboat "Ivan Ellen"

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter C-MCGY

Penlee Lifeboat "Ivan Ellen" and Coastguard Helicopter

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter C-MCGY

Coastguard Rescue Helicopter C-MCGY