Thursday 31 October 2013

A Robins Song, Art Auction

A Robins Song Charity Art Auction

A Robins song is a charity art auction in aid of Children’s Hospice Southwest particularly it’s hospice at Little Harbour in Cornwall.

Funds raised from the auction will help to provide wildlife habitats, meadows, nest boxes, feeding stations and other features to attract wildlife.  All with the aim of providing life enhancing benefits and pleasure the natural world can bring for children who attend the hospice. If fund raising targets are reached then the excess will provide much needed funds towards the running of the hospices.

The auction will take place at 3pm on Sunday 3rd November at 3pm (viewing from 1pm)

Auction venue: Auction will be conducted by Philip Buddell at The Merchant House Hotel, Falmouth Road, Truro TR1 2HL

In addition to the auction lots many other works will be offered for sale on the day and a prize draw. You can also bid by post if you cannot appear at the auction.

Bidding via post and more details here:

Last Chance to Preview prior to the auction.

The exhibition can be seen at Helston in the Wildlife/Studio Gallery at 8 Church Street, Helston , TR13 8TG between 11am and 1pm on Friday 1st November.

Bids can be placed and prize draw tickets, prints etc can be purchased here.

Attached Pictures

Just a small example of the artworks on offer/auction.

The photographs accompanying the article do not truly reflect the high quality of the artwork on offer. Bear in mind colour accuracy and cropping etc. A small black border has also been placed around each photograph.

The priority aim of the images is to give you a sense of the quality of work on offer.

PLEASE come along and support this worthy cause.

Creftow Gallery in Helston, where you can see the exhibition this Friday 1st November 11am-1pm

Ok not in the auction, but take part and you could help raise a smile!

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Storm "No Show" in Cornwall

Well the storm failed to wipe out Cornwall, in fact hardly touched it. Some nice waves for the wind and kite surfers, a small amount of flooding in Penzance, close up views of a Great Northern Diver and two patio chairs blown over in my garden were the highlights. Lots of people turned up at Porthleven to Storm watch and I think the waves probably achieved a score of 1/10 compared to the regular storms and sea swells that normally roll in for an epic storm. So here are my images from the mega storm!

Little waves, in epic storms conditions waves are above the old hotel on the cliff

The old lifeboat house

Lots of storm watchers near the clock tower

Windsurfers heads out

Kite surfer enjoying the day

The Great Northern Diver at Marazion came by for a close up shot

Another nice close up

A road closed at Helston due to a minor accident spilling oil on the road

The end of Porthleven Pier shot that everyone gets

Thursday 24 October 2013

Defensive Great Northern Diver at Longrock

Well I was at Longrock as one of my neighbour's wished to photograph the Great Northern Diver so I tagged along to see what all the fuss off pollution appearing on the beaches was about.

Got to Longrock, matey got his shots and the weather/light was pretty poor, so just thought we would wait around see if things improved. Well it didn't! A Cormorant did however decide to join the Great Northern Diver in Longrock Pool. Now it did appear that the GND was not keen on sharing his abundant food supply and after a couple of charges he saw the intruder off his patch.

On the beaches of SW Cornwall there has been a pollution incident, where some white stuff has being washed up which smell like firelighters. Apparently according to the boffins it is a cooking oil type substance which has gone rancid. Already one dog has died that ate the stuff, so please be careful with the kids/dogs on the beaches. It is allegedly non toxic to humans but I don't think I will be trying it, lol.

Do not blink or you will miss the warning signs, only A4 size "no expense spared there"

Still Eating!

Not happy with the Cormorant for company

A charge pushes the Cormorant to the other side of the pool

Another threat posture and the Cormorant leaves Longrock

Warning sign at the beach 

Short Eared Owl, Hen Harrier and Great Northern Diver

Well a long day visiting Hayle, Carnsew Pool, Marazion, Long Rock, Sandy Cove and Men an Tol.  Bit of a slog but superb views at the end of the day of Short Eared Owl and Hen Harrier. The sun was low in the sky and the Short Eared Owl flew in a great direction for the camera/light. The female Hen Harrier was not so obliging and difficult to photograph but we did get some record shots and it is certainly the closest I have been to one of these magnificent birds.  Earlier in the day I did get a possible Sandwich Tern at Carnsew and the Great Northern Diver in summer plumage again at Marazion seen as many of you liked in yesterday's post.

Short Eared Owl

Hen Harrier

Juvenile Artic Tern
Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Diver

Short Eared Owl

Hen Harrier

Apologies for the random order of images but google seems to have a habit of posting text/images where I don't want them at present

Tuesday 22 October 2013

A few from Marazion and Helston

A quiet day weather wise before the storms later this week.  First call was Longrock pool at Marazion to see if the Great Northern Diver was there, and it was although a little bit distant. So got a few images of that for the record.  I then went to Helston to see if the Whooper swan was still there, and that was there also. At the boating lake there were also about 6 Canada Geese and an unusual Mallard type duck, likely an escapee, I think, if anyone knows better let me know and I will amend the post.

Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Diver

Great Northern Diver

Whooper Swan

Whooper Swan




Friday 18 October 2013

Things ticking over

 Well another frustrating day, this time on the look out for the Osprey again at Hayle. It didn't show in the three hours I was there but I did grab some shots of the resident birds to keep things ticking over. After Hayle I headed over to Marazion some spectacular swoops by a sparrowhawk were great to see. No photo's the bird was just to fast and to stealthy in approach, maybe next time. Hopefully we will get some snow and ice soon and things will change producing great winter scenes, winter fauna visitors etc. Ok some images from today:
Kestrel at Marazion

Not quite sure how this Gull managed this crab, but it disappeared down it's throat!

Godwit preening

Grey Heron, alone on the beach

Stonechat at Marazion marsh
Little Egret

Mallard bathing