Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Just Regulars Today

Well despite a big amount of time spent on my part trying to get images of the Daurian Shrike, Wryneck and Osprey, I missed all three! Idid see the Daurian Shrike but it was to distant and no sign of the Wryneck although a couple were reported in the area. The Osprey previously had been patrolling near the back off Carnsew Basin and Lelant station, again no sign of it here, I think the water may of been to choppy and it switched to Ryan's Field area, (which is where, I wasn't, lol)  So just some comoon waders from Lelant/Carnsew to show for my efforts. Think my luck will change next time out after this 100% fail, lol

Ok today's images, all common species but this is what my day produced!




Oyster Catcher


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