Thursday, 24 October 2013

Defensive Great Northern Diver at Longrock

Well I was at Longrock as one of my neighbour's wished to photograph the Great Northern Diver so I tagged along to see what all the fuss off pollution appearing on the beaches was about.

Got to Longrock, matey got his shots and the weather/light was pretty poor, so just thought we would wait around see if things improved. Well it didn't! A Cormorant did however decide to join the Great Northern Diver in Longrock Pool. Now it did appear that the GND was not keen on sharing his abundant food supply and after a couple of charges he saw the intruder off his patch.

On the beaches of SW Cornwall there has been a pollution incident, where some white stuff has being washed up which smell like firelighters. Apparently according to the boffins it is a cooking oil type substance which has gone rancid. Already one dog has died that ate the stuff, so please be careful with the kids/dogs on the beaches. It is allegedly non toxic to humans but I don't think I will be trying it, lol.

Do not blink or you will miss the warning signs, only A4 size "no expense spared there"

Still Eating!

Not happy with the Cormorant for company

A charge pushes the Cormorant to the other side of the pool

Another threat posture and the Cormorant leaves Longrock

Warning sign at the beach 

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