Saturday 28 April 2012

Bits from Marazion

Well it is hard a present to get anything decent or different as little is changing at Marazion. As a result only one wildlife shot today so Straight onto the pictures:

Sedge Warbler happy singing away.

River class offshore patrol vessel HMS Mersey

A blast from the past

Clouds gather again over St Michaels Mount ready for tomorrows downpour!

Thursday 19 April 2012

Just a couple from Marazion

Windy and showers seems to be the theme this week, so pictures are hard to come by at present. Intention was for Surf Photography today but the swell dropped so that didn't happen. So from Praa I went to Marazion. Had a good walk around, tried to get some Sand Martin shots, didn't do to well, more practice needed to catch the little blighters!! Did see about 20 Whimbrel fly over the Marsh. Then while having a brew in the van I noticed three on the beach so managed to get some shots before a dog scared them off. This was a bit odd as I am sure the big sign says NO DOGS on the beach!!!! Ok onto today's pictures:

Sand Marin



Canada Goose

Initial Alamy Picture Library Submission

Now enjoying retirement as I have passed my sell by date in the RN,  I have decided it is time to make the hobby (Photography) pay for itself, well that is the idea, only the future will see if that happens. I submitted some images to Alamy (yes I know 30 million pictures on their books already) the criteria: all images unsharpened, to be scrutinised at 100%, and from and uncompressed raw file of 24mb minimum, now that last one is a big ask when you mainly photograph, birds/mammals!  Any way submission done and all passed quality control checks so I can now upload my images to them providing they meet the above criteria. Below is the selection I submitted, mostly from a recent trip to Scotland.

Crested Tit


Mountain Hare


Tuesday 17 April 2012

Around the Coast

Decided to spend much of Monday out and about with the camera as the forecast for the rest of the week is pretty poor. I met up with Adrian Langdon Link to Adrian's Blog , and we spent much of the day along the North Cornwall Coast. We commenced photographing Cormorants followed by Skylark, Starling, Grey Seals, Shags etc. I messed up the images of the Skylarks as I had accidently knocked the D7000 into manual mode, however pretty much got everything else. Also in the area we sighted Kestrel, Raven, Peregrine, Fulmar, Guillemot and Razorbill amongst others. So onto the pictures from yesterday.

All quiet at the Cormorants residence

Not happy, I don't think any food was brought back on this occasion!!!!

The "Dinosaur" like chicks

Starling, great colours on these birds (I know the twigs are in the way!)

Two Grey Seals enjoying each others company

Shags Nest


Swan at Marazion

Thursday 12 April 2012

West Country Wildlife Photography Centre

I spent a day with Cornwall Wildlife Trust Photographic Group at the West Country Wildlife Photographic Centre at Upcott, Devon. Link Here: West Country Wildlife Photography Centre The subjects were varied but all performed for the camera to some degree except the Pine Martin. It is a good day out, one which I would like to do again sometime as I don't think my images were top notch from my first visit. I know they are not roaming free but the opportunity was too good to miss, all these animals in one place. It is a bit of a cheat but a pleasant change from searching/being in a hide all day, lol. Ok so here are some of the images:

Water Vole

Pole Cat



Scottish Wildcat

Field Mouse

Sunday 8 April 2012

Another Day at Maza

Well the normal idiots, kids and their dogs were out in force, must be bank holiday!!! I did mange some closer views of the Black Tailed Godwits and a distant possible view of a Hen Harrier? See picture.  I should have more time this week weather permitting to get out and about a bit more.  Onto the pictures:

Black Tailed Godwit

Black Tailed Godwit
Here is a second view of the bird below, don't know if it helps id or not?

Thought this was a Hen Harrier as it looked to me it was just smaller than a buzzard,  thanks to Mike and Steve who have viewed the images and  id'd the bird as a Sparrowhawk

Grey Heron

Friday 6 April 2012

One less Bunny at Maza

Well spent the morning at leisure on The Lizard and visited Hayle/Marazion in the afternoon.  All very quiet until the end off the day when I saw a Raven flying around with a fairly large prey item, this turned out to be a Rabbit. I was amazed the bird could lift the rabbit and fly for some distance. Had the bird flew left instead of right before flying out to sea with its dinner I would of got some great shots! But for the record these will have to do. Apologies if quality etc isn't spot on today, I need to rush, pub at 8:30pm lol.

Black-tailed Godwit



Raven with Prey (Rabbit)

Same bird heading out towards St Michael's Mount

Monday 2 April 2012

A few from this weekend

Well finally escaped from the house for the day.  Took in The Lizard, Kyance Cove, Hells Mouth and Ryan's Field. Didn't get many images but great to be out and about again. Put in a fair bit of walking looking for new subject/better photo opportunities but no joy today. Had some fun trying to photograph Fulmars in flight with the 600mm F4, be so much easier with a 300mm f2.8,(anyone wish to donate one to me) still managed to get a couple of decent shots as they swooped in and out from the cliff face. Due to the Landslide last year near Hells Mouth one of my favourite photographic spots has been closed off by the Health and Safety Police, pity thought I was adult enough to make my own mind up what is safe and what risk I am willing to take. Ok here are some pictures from my travels on Sunday.

Cormorant in Flight

Pair of Kestrels

Cormorant on nest

Fulmar in flight

Redshank at Ryan's Field