Monday, 2 April 2012

A few from this weekend

Well finally escaped from the house for the day.  Took in The Lizard, Kyance Cove, Hells Mouth and Ryan's Field. Didn't get many images but great to be out and about again. Put in a fair bit of walking looking for new subject/better photo opportunities but no joy today. Had some fun trying to photograph Fulmars in flight with the 600mm F4, be so much easier with a 300mm f2.8,(anyone wish to donate one to me) still managed to get a couple of decent shots as they swooped in and out from the cliff face. Due to the Landslide last year near Hells Mouth one of my favourite photographic spots has been closed off by the Health and Safety Police, pity thought I was adult enough to make my own mind up what is safe and what risk I am willing to take. Ok here are some pictures from my travels on Sunday.

Cormorant in Flight

Pair of Kestrels

Cormorant on nest

Fulmar in flight

Redshank at Ryan's Field


S K Ditta said...

Hey Bob! An excellent set of pictures, camera lens notwithstanding. Particularly like the "Fulmar in flight". Thanks for sharing.

(If you choose, please disable the CAPTCHA word verification. I know, it discourages many legitimate commenters. Thanks)

Bobbster said...

Hi Seasons, comment word verification disabled for now, see how long it lasts this time before being attacked by spam. Thanks for the comments/feedback most welcome.

Adrian Langdon said...

Good set of images Bob, I like the cormorants as I've been unable to find any nests near enough to photograph.
I had a lot of spam recently so I've just enabled the word verification on my blog!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Very wonderful series as always~ I disabled comment word verification about 2 months ago and while I get a few SPAM, but they are always, always do they do that so well!

JRandSue said...

Brilliant collection Bob,both of us have been out and about.
Birding and dipping out.

Millhouse Photography said...

Very cool Kestrel image and cormorant in flight is a cracker.

Dominic Gendron said...

Nice shot, wow for the krestrel matting...what a shot ;)