Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Poor show at Drift

Choice today, got to the mayhem and parking chaos at Falmouth to photograph the Red Arrows or go to Drift. Well like an idiot I chose Drift. Sighting of a Great White Egret mean't I could hopefully get a better shot than I did at Marazion last time I saw this bird.  Being totally inconsiderate it didn't show (Rach's blog did say some people may of spooked it) after I had dragged my tripod and 600mm rig the length of the resevoir; the lows of nature photography. Not a great deal of anything else was on show either, so I shall go straight to the poor return from today!!!

Nice close up here worth englarging

He was also bored at Drift



Unknown said...

First one is top notch pity about missing the Great White though.

holdingmoments said...

First is a cracker Bob; but I do like that second one. He looks how I feel at the moment lol