Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day before the storm rains in

Well with stormy weather on the horizon I thought I would make a big effort Wednesday to get out and about. Covered Carnsew, Hayle, St Gothians, Godrevy Point, Hells Mouth and Marazion with varying degrees of success. So I will just post the images so you can see how I got on:


Starlings going to roost at Longrock

Male Long Tailed Duck, St Gothian Sands

Pochard, St Gothians Sands

Male Long Tailed Duck St Gothian Sands

Redshank, St Gothian Sands

Seals, at Godrevy Point

Moon Shot from Marazion


JRandSue said...

Looks like you had a great day Bob,can't out for a while,i can see what I've been missing.great set.

Millhouse Photography said...

I think the Kingfisher is superb, Bob. Lovely setting and it's so nice to see such lovely surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Great set of images Bob I must have taken the same moon shots just before you got to Marazion as I passed you on Marazion bridge