Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Cracking Sunny Day

Well a long overdue sunny day at last. Intentions were Carnsew, Ryan's Field, some surf photography at Godrevy, Hells Mouth and then Marazion. Well it didn't quite come together. Spent the first hour at Carnsew with the Long Tailed Duck generally distant. I then set off for Ryan's field but bumped into Andrew Carey and showed him the Long Tailed Duck. For some reason went he turned up the Long Tail Duck decided to swim inside the buoy and pose for him; and as a consequence I spent another hour there and got some nice shots. Next was Ryan's field but only briefly, no sign of the King Fisher today. Running late I had to give Hells Mouth a miss. So onto Godrevy for some surf photography again running late by now so that was scuppered by the late afternoon sun. Still onto Marazion for the Starlings (video) I chose a different position tonight which didn't quite work out so no Starling video!  Here are the images selected from today's shoot, a hard choice off the Long Tailed Duck one, though.

See it's not just the LT duck at Carnsew

Long Tailed Duck

Even got preening shots today

A nice camera pose

Buzzard at Ryan's Field

Late afternoon at Marazion

Starlings coming to roost, fisheye shot so they are the small specs in the sky!


Unknown said...

Great images in smashing light that Duck most be most photographed in the British Isles, a stunner.

Monts said...

Nice set Bob and the weather did us proud for a change lovely light.