Monday, 3 May 2010

Lizard Point Cornwall

A morning visit to The Lizard paid off this time with some close views of Choughs. Not brilliant pictures but this was about my fifth visit and finally I have some shots. From there I visited Hells Mouth, Carnsew Pool and Hayle.  It was almost impossible to photograph at these locations due to the wind, and it wasn't a warm wind either! Decided to head back to the South coast got to Marazion but the wind was unabating. There was also about 2 million people here for some reason. So I called it a day and drove home to do the blog.  So here are todays images:

Pair of Choughs at Lizard Point, all the images shown here were taken of these two birds at various points during the morning.

Jackdaw sharing the area withthe Choughs

Rock Pipit also from The Lizard

Shag with Chicks taken at Hells Mouth, North Cornwall Coast


Anonymous said...

Brilliant images Bob good to see you are out and about

holdingmoments said...

Lovely shots Bob. I've not seen a Chough for years.

sttph said...

Hope you do not mind me asking how many choughs are their this year as a friend who works for the nt said their were eight youngsters. Did the nt worker at lizard point say or was it one of the rspb lot as i have an interest in the cornish choughs as i have been going to lizard point for the last fifteen years. I am steph who lives to far away from cornwall who will be in cornwall soon. Good pictures aswell so are you a professional photographer as me and my husband like taking pictures aswell. Thanks anyway

Bobbster said...

Hi Keith (x2) thanks for the comments, sj I don't know how many Chough Chicks there are in the nest I shall try and find out next time I visit.