Saturday, 1 May 2010

Better Things to Come????

Sometimes it is frustrating and a real pain lugging around all the camera gear for little reward in the way of good pictures. It felt like this for the month of April and today the 1st of May I continue in the same trend. I drove around the Brew farm area looking for the Brew pool and Sewage works, true to form I drove past it, without seeing any bird/wildlife, only a lot of fat cows. Onto Lands End, RN ID card at the ready to get my free entry and I was robbed, a pay and display is now in operation.  Paid my £3 and this seemed to encourage the rain clouds in, what a bargain coincidence or what! With poor light and rain inbound I stayed fairly close to the car park.  Just walked down passed the white house to the area of gorse/bushes, here there seemed to be a lot of Whitethroats, Swallows, Linnets etc, making the area full of song with few birds showing.  Thirty minutes in and the rain came. On the way back I stopped at Longrock and Marazion.  Monday when the weather is better I shall likely do a repeat of the same circuit!! (sucker or what?) Dripping over onto todays pictures.

Whitethroat at Lands End 

The Heron's nest at Marazion

Looks like their ready to leave soon

Jackdaw enjoying a dip

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holdingmoments said...

Three quid to park? A bit steep I would think.

Despite the weather Bob, that's a lovely shot of the Whitethroat. I'm sure the weather will change after the holiday. It's pouring here at the moment; even the dog don't want to go out lol