Monday, 22 August 2011

Drift, snookered by poor lighting.

The Cornish cloud appeared to be anchored firmly over Drift Reservoir today. As I was attempting to photograph swallows dipping low this really didn't help. So some low quality images but lots of practice if photographic conditions prove more suitable on another day. Images posted below:

Swallow emerges from the dip.

A near miss, another shot I would like to nail properely.

Better angle would off been nice.

Look closely you can see he has a fly. This is a shot I would like closer in better lighting.
Turtle Dove, still present at Drift

Great Crested Grebe


S K Ditta said...

That Turtle Dove taking a quiet stroll, feeling undisturbed. What an amzingly beautiful bird, and great capture Bob!

Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie, #3 is an awseome and impressive shot!