Saturday, 18 September 2010

St Ives Island and Hayle

My first visit to this place, no unusual sightings today but a nice variety of birdlife. I will certainly visit again soon sometime although parking seems to be a bit of a nightmare. Car park full at 8am what's that all about??
Got some good shots and some record shots, using the bird guide to ID some of these so if it is incorrect just let me know. Weather was low grey cloud, but typically sunny in Helston where I set off from only thirteen miles away. The sun broke through the clouds over St Ives just as I was leaving (sods law).  Did feel great to be out and about again after the abundance of camera inactivity recently. Ok onto the pictures:

Wheatear the first bird I saw on the Island

Cormorant slightly blurred but ok for web use.

Cormorants formation flying

Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper. This bird was photographed at St Ives Island, I followed the path down from the small building on top of the Island on the coastal path at the head of the Island you will see a gap in the rocks on the shore line this is where I was stood, at the bottom of the incline below the Coastguard Station looking out to sea.

Razorbill, a small ray of sun light did manage to get through on this shot.

Record shot of a Common Tern?

Oyster Catcher and Turnstone

A record shot of a Sandwich Turn I think (has a yellow tip on the beak)

Distant shot of a "Honey" Buzzard a Ryan's Field I thought it was just a Common Buzzard but there were different opinions from people at the time.

Curlew on the mud bank on Ryan's Field


Sam and Lisa said...

Nice to see you are back in the saddle Bob/

Sam and Lisa said...
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Amila Kanchana said...

Great photos!

Mark Whittaker said...

Great shots Bob .. I think the Dunlin shot is a Common Sandpiper

JRandSue said...

Great set Bob,nice to see you back at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

You were right Bob, it is a Common Buzzard.
Mike Coleman

Mashuq Ahmad said...

Hi Bob,
Your 'Dunlin' actually appears to be a juvenile Spotted Sandpiper from across the Atlantic. Nice find! Any further information as to where it exactly was, would be much appreciated.

Bobbster said...

Thanks for all the comments, for Mashug the "Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper" which after consulting the bird guide is infact as Mark suggested a Common Sandpiper I think, but for the record it was taken at St Ives in Cornwall UK

swopticsphoto said...

Hi Bob, can you please give the actual location at St Ives? Steve

Birds in Cornwall said...

Hi Bob
The Common Sandpiper is a Spotterd Sandpiper as Mashuq Ahmed said, Where in St Ives was it

Ashley Hugo said...

Yep, Mashuq is right its a juv. Spotted Sandpiper!! Nice shots especially of the Spot Sand!!!

Anonymous said...

there seem to be an awful lot of people that go to Ryans field that seem to think that all buzzards are Honey buzzards, i have been in there twice where different people that seem insistent that they keep seeing honey buzzards whilst they are holidaying in Cornwall.

its very hard to convince them otherwise.


Bobbster said...

Ok everyone I stand corrected, apologies Masshug it is indeed a Juvenile Spotted Sandpiper, location added below the image. I will post more pictures tonight.