Sunday, 12 September 2010

Apologies for lack of posts: Here is the reason!

A lot of renovation work on my cottage has taken somewhat longer than intended. I also had to go away with work for a week near Sandy RSPB, but didn't get a chance to visit there either. However the end is in sight and hopefully I shall have the camera out at the weekend or maybe even Tuesday. Decided to change my living room carpet, then the suite, then paint and decorate; and then I thought sod it, time to remove the ghastly varnish which had been put on the stone wall of my cottage, hiding the natural stone. This invovled a needle gun, industrial hoover etc and me. Using the needle gun to remove the sealant from the stone was like being in a sand storm couldn't not see or hear a thing at times, creating a mess on a huge scale. Pictures of the work below.

The Natural stone with the  yuck sealant finish

Dustsheets in place to prevent the debris spreading

Needle gun used to remove the surface and then all mortar cement removed as far as possible

All most there pointing redone using lime mortar, looking much better.

Quoted between £1000-£1600 done myself over two weeks for about £250!!!

Well that is the bulk of work done so hopefully lots of wildlife shots in the next post!!!


Unknown said...

Looks fabulous!

Perranlady said...

A job really well done Bob, having watched a cottage been done in the village, know just what messy hard work it is. Bet those sheets didn't really keep the dust out of the rest of the cottage though ! Time for some wildlife shots now, It'll be good to be able to park at Marazion again ! Sue