Saturday, 18 April 2009

Marazion 18th April Heron Chicks

Just the tow images today, black clouds desceneded over Marazion, and all bird and wildlife seemed to disappear except the Herons. Van was playing up again so I was stuck at Marazion. Managed a couple of nice shots of the nestings Heron's. Be a month before I visit again so I expect thy will have departed. Hopefully better luck tomorrow with the camera and the van!!!

Exif (for both pictures): Canon 1d MK111, 600mm lens, Aperture Priority, F5, 1/2000 sec, ISO 400, +/- 0 stop

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Perranlady said...

Walked right past you when you had your head stuck under the bonnet, didn't realise until I was reversing towards the back of the van it had on it. Didn't bother to post any of mine as I knew you'd have so much better ! Hope the van's behaving better today. Sue